Tuesday, December 30

Tues. Dec. 30th… Cold & clear, but it’s on the way & going down…

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It was 34 degrees when I got up this morning with the dogs at 6:30, because Casey Mae couldn’t hold out any longer…… and upon opening the door and seeing her rush out, then stop and slowly look back at me like……”wow, can’t we get a doggie potty inside?” The wind was gusting to 35 mph and the 34 degree temperature has already dropped off to 29 degrees right now, (8:30) so the forecast of lousy weather rushing in today and lasting throughout New Years day seems to be coming all too true. We are to get snow Tonight late which will continue into New Years Eve with accumulations of up to one inch tonight and an additional 2 to 4 inches tomorrow. It’s snowing right now, which is the usual lake effect snow showers we usually get, which amount to nothing except a reminder that winter is definitely here.
All this cold weather will probably place a damper on my wiring in the barn, because it’s really annoying trying to work with stiff, cold wire and frozen fingers. I will definitely place the stall post and railing for the Alpacas and then see how the wiring will go today. If I can, I’ll get some outside lights in…… or close off the wind upstairs or something productive anyway.
We are now really starting to promote our fundraising efforts for the local hospice program as you may have already noticed. Later, when we start harvesting our own Alpaca wool and shear fur from the Angora rabbits we will get this spring, we plan to card it, spin it and knit it into items which we will offer as, 100% natural, hand made items from our farm. We are now knitting scarves, which we will sell in the gift shop and we have many, many other items planned for sale there including fine art by Vicki, books of mine and other local artists which have already pledged some of their work, so we’re busily preparing right now for a huge grand opening with an open house in the spring. We now have a link on the blog for donations, because some folks don’t care to buy anything, but do want to donate to this worthy cause, so for them, we have the “Donate” button which takes them to Pay-Pal, where they may donate any amount they wish which goes directly into our “
Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc.” account with Pay-Pal, which is fast, secure and easy. We are also making products for sale both on the internet and later in our “Hospice Gift Shop” this spring, when the building is approved and completed. To see what we are presently offering, go to our Hospice Page at http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.com/cluckin%20a%20critter%20farm_014.htm and you can see the items ready for sale by ordering directly from the “Buy Now” buttons for the corresponding items. Again, all net proceeds go to the hospice program. Like I said before… “A small thoughtful gift, will not be missed by you, or them!

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