Wednesday, December 31

New Years Eve, Dec 31st… Back from a lovely dinner with friends…

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We just returned from an excellent dinner at the local French Restaurant called the Mountain View Brasserie, Inc., where we shared a lovely New Years Eve Dinner with Joyce Williams and Stanley Maltzman, our close friends. We started off with drinks and then enjoyed the main course of Prime Rib Au Jus, scalloped potatoes and mixed vegetables…… followed by coffee and an apple tart al a mode in caramel glaze, which was superb. This restaurant owner used to own and operate the Freehold House in Freehold, NY and is a famous local chef, that has served his highly palatable cuisine to some very important people, including the likes of President Bill Clinton. Although Vicki and my tab was expensive, the extent of satisfaction we derived from the evening was worth the cost. I can honestly say that the Prime Rib was the best I’ve had in a long, long time. We are now home and enjoying the evening in a safe and comfortable atmosphere which I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world, as we await the new year. Tomorrow will start as today did……… except for the date of 2009 rather than the 08, we’ve become accustomed to writing for the last 365 days.
For a long time, both Vicki and I have read the Jon Katz books about his dogs and his little farm in Washington county, which we admired and wished to duplicate here, for ourselves. We have however, recently been finding that both we and his other readers are not so intrigued by his actions and ethics as a farmer. We have been reading reviews about his books on and find that many of his readers feel exactly as we do. Obviously, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that Jon Katz is an author of books and not a farmer. He is constantly applying his remarkably exquisitely, self created, farm life, to interesting writing material, rather than conducting himself as an bonafide farmer would do, providing his animals with the care necessary to keep them healthy, as one would expect an educated caretaker and operator of a farm to do. He acquires dogs and animals when he needs new writing material, then discards them when he no longer can write appealing stories, detailing their existence, so to him....... they no longer deserve to exist and he has them put down or gives them away. This is the very thing that should realistically put Jon Katz down for the count, as an author of less than appealing, writing and reading material. Check out the reviews of his books yourself. I’m sure you will see that Mr. Katz is a money hungry ogre, responsible for inflicting pain and suffering upon poor animals that don’t realize he is a stupid author of fairy tail novels, about fictional doggies from never, never land and that he doesn’t understand that they are simple animals, simply trying to live a simple life.

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