Wednesday, December 31

Wednesday, Dec. 31st… The very last day of 2008 is diminishing…

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Good morning from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, this beautiful winter morning in 2008, which I will never say again as long as I live! The weather is a lousy mix of snow, cold and a slight wind which creates a chill factor that can cut to the bone, then freeze the flesh right off of the bone. STAY INSIDE TODAY!! The roads are going to be atrocious…… and addictive drunks will be out today and this evening, before becoming really wasted, so be advised to make any dinner engagements close to home. Our's is at six o’clock this evening, with friends, at a local restaurant within three or four miles of our house. The New York state police will be out in force, but they can only do so much to catch these scruffs that plague our highways,trying to kill us, our wives, sons and daughters, with their illness, irresponsible actions and their three thousand pound tool of destruction they operate. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, then have and enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year.
The new year is one we are eagerly looking forward to, as we continue to expand our farm and keep upgrading the existing entity. New for this coming year will be Alpacas, which will arrive sometime after February or March. There will be a rabbit house built to the rear of the existing barn, where four Angora rabbits will live, multiply and prosper to provide us with Angora wool to add to the Alpaca wool which we will clean, card, spin and knit into items of clothing, that we will market in a newly constructed Hospice Gift Shop this coming Spring. All these things are very exciting to us but the most exciting and dearest to our hearts is supporting the Hospice program here in the Columbia- Greene county area. The hospice program is sometimes viewed as a morbid, subject that is better left alone and not talked about. We want to change that perception of this very special labor of love performed by dedicated and understanding folks prepared to give the greatest gift know to mankind…Love and Understanding.
In the middle ages, a hospice was a resting place for travelers on a difficult journey. Today, a hospice can be a special place where people with life-threatening, life-ending illnesses are cared for and at the Columbia Greene county Hospice, it is a service that reaches out to people where they live, while they still live, with the limited time they have left. You may also know this work as palliative care, the “heart of hospice.” This “heart” describes the approach to care, that which considers the whole person - their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, especially when there is no one else to offer this kind of care. Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. shares the hospice credo that-"When all that can be done to care for the person, has been done and to no avail, then the focus must shift to improving the quality of life that remains, while it remains". Help us make this important care a reality! By supporting hospice programs with your cash donations and purchasing gifts and items from participating organizations like, Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice. Inc., you will be helping to provide this physical, emotional and spiritual care. Visit our web page to see Vicki's "Remember Me" hospice heart and more which can be ordered by clicking on the Pay-Pal buttons or email her to order items on the Hospice Page.
Happy New Year!

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