Thursday, March 26

Thurs March 26th… Life in the Fast Lane…Could Break Your Neck… or Your Bank Account and Empty Your Wallet!!

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You know….there once was a time that you could remain safe if you didn’t want to participate in something that you thought was dangerous, BUT……. not anymore. Just living a day to day existence is enough to be involved in potentially dangerous dealings that could or will devastate not only you, but your entire family for years to come. It used to be, that when you were broke, you were broke. End of story…… Grab yourself by the boot straps and pull yourself up and you could start over, free and clear to try to achieve that “American Dream” again.
These days, it’s not that easy… I’m not really sure you get that chance to start over, because there are so many individuals in that boat, that there’s no one left to fund the voyages anymore. How many folks lost their entire life’s earnings with AIG? How will they start over. There are no jobs… few programs left to help, that haven’t been done away with… and between Obama and Paterson, here in New York… there will be nothing left. Taxing soda, ski lift tickets, bowling, iTune downloads, gym memberships, all NY subscription services, taxing all clothing again, movie tickets, Insurance policies, removing the incentive to make movies in the big apple and taxing us $10 to do a paper tax return makes this guy the biggest A...hole the state ever had! None of this will remove the deficit, because all tax payers will hate him and simply shy away from these tax increased activities and commodities…… but this will also breed more and more hatred toward the state officials who continue to sip their Champagne and dine at all the best restaurants, in their suits and evening gowns and take in an opera, as we eat McDonald's fries, a paper thin hamburger and sip water....... hopefully in a joint close enough to home, so we can walk there. In closing…… I will make the same statement I made when Obama took office, “I pray to God for the man’s safety… in a world where so many people are losing everything that they have worked an entire life for and can no longer cope with life…… how close to mentally disturbed, must any one individual out of the millions of people in this condition be, to pick up a gun and shoot the one in charge…… figuring it is that individual’s fault that they are losing everything? How far, would one person who lost everything, have to slide to cross that line? This guy can’t even see it coming…………

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