Wednesday, March 25

Wed. eve march, 25... Happy chickens, ducks and a pheasant……

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Today was a beautiful, sunny day for the ducks and chickens. The turkey’s were out walking around, putting and coughing as usual. Lately, Phillip Dé Pheasant is showing his muscle by not backing down when the chickens and especially when Timmy DaTurkey tries to push him around. He actually tried to jump up to spur Timmy the other day… but anyway, Phillip stands very erect and drums his wings for about fifteen seconds, in a show of dominance. I’d guess there is a little spring fever and he is advertising for a mate too, but alas…… there’s no Felicia A. McPheasant on the farm, so he might have an eye on a cute lady chicken………… It’s Possible!!
Tomorrow, we are going to spend a little time in the barn and install the outside chicken run light, so the girls and boys will have some light at night out there. There are quite a few birds that prefer to roost out there, on the high roosts, but they are in the dark.
If all goes well, we can also pull a line from a switch and get some lights upstairs in the loft so we can throw hay at night if needed when the Alpacas come. Receptacles won’t really be that important up there right away, so we don’t have to worry if we don’t get them right away. We’ll have to find a good fifty-five gallon barrel with a lid so we can keep the Alpaca feed next to the stable.

Since all the paperwork is just about cleaned up for right now, I’ll be able to blog in the mornings again and during the day, I’ll be able to plan the buildings and deck roof out back. We want to get things started early and get done early this year, so we can enjoy our summer by doing a little fishing and boating on the Hudson, unless our idiot governor taxes the fish, worms and water…… along with everything else he wants to tax.
I saw today that there will be tons of state workers that used to work, who can sit along the creeks and river trying to catch something to eat, since they won’t have a job anymore. He sure can’t see what he’s doing to New York with all these taxes and budget cuts (and there’s no pun intended, when I say he can’t see what he‘s doing to us!!!) I just hope New York can survive, let alone all of us

Liar, Liar, pants on fire... My how you nose has grown!

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And this from

ALBANY - Gov. Paterson yesterday insisted he had no idea who did the slime job on Caroline Kennedy - although the source of the information is about as close to him during the day as his wife is at night.

He's a liar.

The person responsible for the smear was an individual whose identity is well known to the press, whose full-time job is to do the governor's bidding, and who is intelligent enough not to call reporters to damage Kennedy's reputation without approval from the top - and that means Paterson.( more. )

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The following is from :
Curse Of Caroline Leaves Paterson Trailing Cuomo 2-1, Gillibrand Behind McCarthy!!!

The Caroline Kennedy caper continues to bedevil New York Gov. David Paterson as he trails Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 55 - 23 in an early look at a 2010 Democratic primary for Governor, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.In a general election matchup, Gov. Paterson ties former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a possible Republican challenger, 43 - 43 percent, with 10 percent undecided, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Paterson leads 70 - 18 percent among Democrats, while Giuliani leads 80 - 9 percent among Republicans and 47 - 38 percent among independent voters. New York City voters go with Paterson 52 - 35 percent, while Giuliani leads 48 - 36 percent among suburban voters and 47 - 38 percent upstate.Attorney General Cuomo leads Giuliani 51 - 37 percent in the Governor's race, ahead 81 - 11 percent among Democrats and 45 - 40 percent among independent voters. Giuliani leads 76 - 11 percent among Republicans. Cuomo is up 61 - 30 percent in New York City and 48 - 41 percent in the suburbs and gets 44 percent of upstate voters to Giuliani's 42 percent.New York State voters approve 45 - 41 percent of the job Paterson is doing, his lowest approval rating in 11 months as Governor and down from 50 - 30 percent January 26.Voters disapprove 52 - 35 percent of the way Paterson handled the appointment of a U.S. Senator to fill Hillary Clinton's seat. Disapproval is similar across the political spectrum. ( Read more... )

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How could anyone be worse than a man that causes mass unemployment in times such as these? How does he think all these people that he lays off will live? Unemployment?? Welfare??? Who will pay for all these people???? No wonder Patterson enjoys a lower rating than Elliot Spitzer during his prostitute fiasco, which we were paying for. Now that, Mr. Paterson is a true accomplishment!!

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