Tuesday, March 24

Tuesday March 24th… It’s Official…Building Permit’s Approved…

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We got notification today that our permit for the building of the hospice Gift shop has been approved. That means we can now order the materials from Middle Field Lumber and when it’s ready, start construction of that building. They were holding it because they thought it would have to go before the committee, but upon checking a second time, found that we could run it under a family business… and being that it is going to be a 501-C not for profit, non-taxable, charitable entity, it would be ok to proceed and it wouldn’t need to go before committee. That was great news. After receiving that tidbit of news, we took of and went to Mavis Tires in Hudson to have all the tires on the car replaced and balanced, then they did an alignment on the front end to stop the wear we saw on the tires last spring. In fact, I pointed it out to the Toyota folks and asked if they would check the alignment at that time and they assured us that the alignment was ok. WRONG!! Anyway…now it’s done and done right.
Carol L. came over after work again and we finished her picture correctly this time and boy is it beautiful. She should really be proud of both of the pictures we matted and framed. Makes me wish I could invest the time and effort that Vick and Carol do and possibly produce a painting as lovely as theirs, but I can’t. I enjoy writing too much to sit there, hour after hour painting when I could be writing………… but I do love their artwork.
We are going to grab the ISBN numbers, the SAN and the UPC for my poetry book at the beginning of the month, possibly. That will be at least a fifteen day wait for the ISBN block of numbers, so we can conceivably figure a month or better to get to print and have the books back here. Takes time to do everything I guess.

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