Friday, April 10

Friday, April 10th… Lost a chick in hatching… Gained two from Coxsackie……

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This morning I spent a lot of time trying to refine my building program which I’ve had for some time now and never quite understood. It has a manual like a New York City phonebook, and is rather intricate in nature. It’s called Punch Professional Home Design Platinum Pro Suite and was rather pricey when I purchased it some years ago. It has CAD and several designer suites, such as Photoview Image Importer that allows you to create a project tailored after a picture you’ve taken some where, a 3D furniture workshop, a cabinet wizard to create kitchens, a function called RealModel and an Estimator function to figure all the material necessary to create your project along with a cost estimator. It’s COOL……… and I’m trying to use it to come up with that material list I said I needed for Middle Field Lumber.
This morning before we left to pick up all of our Easter Dinner groceries, we had a chick just poking through the egg shell, We watched as he kept pecking away at the shell. It hadn’t started last evening when we last looked, but this morning, he was diligently working at hatching. We also got a call from Isabelle at the alpaca rescue to tell us she had two rescue chicks for us if we would take them, so we told her we would swing around on our way from shopping an pick them up. We did… and when we got home, took them to the brooding house and placed them in with the other chicks. We then checked the progress of the chick that was hatching and found him dead…… still in the shell…… We were shocked!!!!! I wonder what happened? Well, we are now at five of the little guys now (shoulda been six!) Oh well, maybe tomorrow!!!!!!!

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