Thursday, April 9

Thursday April 9th… The hospice gift shop pad is ready……

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Today, we finished digging the pad for the hospice gift shop and tonight I’m going to figure the lumber list so we can call Ed Pooters, Jr., of Middle Field Lumber and let him cut our order for us. We told him last fall that we would be calling in the spring, so I guess we better get with it.
We spent a little time at the library doing our artwork with the group we meet with about once a month. Vick started a new painting and I finished the pencil work on a Pastel I’m trying. I didn’t take Vicki’s pastels with me, because I didn’t think I would complete it as quickly as I did, but there I was…..finished and without my pastels. As luck would have it, our friend Carol had brought her pastel set and offered to let me use them. So now, I’m doing a pastel painting and actually liking it. Below are pictures of the group and our session.
We have two healthy, chirping, chicks in the brooding house and another trying to break through. We didn’t see if there a were any more or not, because I don’t like to lose the temperature by looking. Maybe tomorrow, we will have three or more chicks.
Iggy and Luke would not come in again this evening. I guess we will try again to see
if they will come in now.

(I doubt they will)

This is the pavillion in the town square

A panarama view of the square

The library at Greenville

This is Phil. One of our trusty egg customer friends.

Winter berries

Other artists work displayed on the walls.

talking about the displayed art.

Vicki and Bunny looking at prints

Carol looking through Vick's Kalideoscope I got her for her birthday.

Phil preparing to paint.

Phil painting a masterpiece.

Carol and Danielle yacking and laughing as they "create".......

Julie talking and painting..........

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