Friday, April 24

Friday April 24th… Well Today Looks Much Better… So Far! ! ! ! !

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I awoke this morning at 3:45, with a need to go see mother nature, so upon making my way to the bathroom, I thought to myself; “Gee, my feet and fingers feel much better.” Upon returning to bed, I noticed that my back was better too. (I never know until after the bathroom stop, because my back is sore before that) Then, later in the morning…… like 6:00 AM, when the girls all start to stir; wanting their turn at the bathroom in the back yard, I got up, dressed and headed to the computer room to let the girls out. I made coffee, took my med’s and returned to leave the dogs back in. Then I started reading. I’m so very much better, with very little pain anywhere right now. In fact, when Vicki gets up, we can start to do a little work on the bunny house. Vicki had a rough night with her RLS until she popped a couple pills and they kicked in…… The problem is that once they kick in, then she can’t get awake in the morning. Well, that isn’t odd if you don’t get to sleep until after 4:00 Am, (remember… I was awake then too) so I never wake her… I just allow her to get up when she feels rested and ready… Just as she does for me. If I peter out in the late afternoon and sit down on the sofa and fall asleep, she never gets me awake. When I stir, she comes quickly and asks if I am alright or just sleepy. She then leaves me to rest until I am ready to arise.
I am refrained from turning the critters loose, because we may go to the mountain for dinner with Vick’s family. If so, the critters would be out until we returned and we cannot have that. Not with all the coyotes in the fields out back. In fact, there has been a hawk snatching our chickens, so in the same manner of solving those predator problems as have been executed for hundreds of years… they’re all goners if I catch them here!
If we do go to the family for dinner, it will be around six this evening, so we’ll still work on something. It’s just too bad we cannot release the chickens and ducks to run until we are ready to leave, but a complete army could not get them in before they do so themselves at dusk……. so they must be kept in.
We’ll definitely get the posts I forgot, and I hope some of the 2x4’s from Ed Pooters.

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