Saturday, April 25

Sat. April 25th… Let’s Dig Holes for Bunnies New House……

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It seems like such a nice morning to start the bunny house out at the barn. Perhaps we’ll need to run to GNH and grab a box of framing nails, but we can do that later…… for right now, I’m gonna turn all the animals loose and start digging post holes. Once the posts are set, we can put the top tie boards on square and start putting some siding on. We can finish the side facing the road, because the fence will provide the purlins needed for the board & batten.
Another thing we need to do is lay out our ridge board for the rear deck roof. It needs to have a piece of ¾” plywood between the two plank, then glued and nailed. Once it sets up, (about 2 days) we can start the installation of the porch roof itself.
All these things to keep us busy…… Well, I’d better get with it…
We have a little problem with the commencement of the Hospice Gift Shop cement pad…… It doesn’t appear to be what we want done, so I have to talk to Jeff about re-doing it differently.

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