Sunday, April 26

Sun. April 26th… Gonna try for a post and framing day… Less rain…

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We got the sixteen foot posts into the ground yesterday, for the bunny house, so today we need to take a zip-trip to GNH, for framing nails and Lock-tite adhesive for the ridge board on the rear deck roof. When we return, we’ll start plumbing the posts and backfilling the holes, then square and install our runner boards on square. We’ll still need to talk to The Door Jamb, in Shokan, to get the rough opening sizes for the windows we will install and then we can take off with the construction without a problem. We want to get all this stuff done, so we can enjoy the coming summer this year.
The framing for the cement pad needs re-done, so Jeff is coming over today to pop the end off of the framing, so I can remove more of the dirt inside the form, get crusher stone and load the form, once it is correctly finished. We will then dig the haunch trench and frame that and we’ll be ready for pouring the floor then. This was just a slight setback, but a necessary one since we do not want to build a nice new structure for the Hospice gift shop and have the floor crumble out from under it in two years or so. Anyway… we’re on the right track again!
We’ll shoot some pictures of everything going on around here, like the brooding house chicks and new turkey’s, the bunny house construction, rear deck porch roof and the hospice house.
We now have a fifteen year old girl coming twenty hours a week as a farmhand, which was arranged somehow through the foundation of the blind. Our friend Jeff's daughter Christa has a rare condition of her retinas which there is no cure, so she is in a special program to prepare her for the loss of her sight. Christa will help clean around and in the barn, help with the animals and work with the alpacas now and the angora rabbits later. She is a pleasant, funny young lady that loves to be around animals, so she is as excited as we are. We will also be using Herman as a helper on occasion too. He is a Jack of all trades……… and is a critical help at times of construction, when that extra set of hands is needed, to do the heavy high work. Setting ridge boards, of doubled 2x8’s, twenty-four feet long, with a laminated ¾” strip of plywood in between, can be more than one guy wants to lift into place, twelve feet over your head.
As I continue to build, plan or gather materials, I have committed a mutiny against my poetry book, the book about Vicki and my journey to today with the farm and my book about growing up in the sixties in central Pa. (which usually makes everyone wonder how I ever made it by beyond my childhood) Like the old Amish farmers of old used to say. “Gotta maka der hay asa der sun shines”, so I will work on that during those rainy days while trapped indoors and in the evenings. Looks like I will positively be buying the ISBN & UPC codes this coming month, if all goes well with the building. Once I receive them and the book cover is redone with the codes, it’s off to the printer, because all else is completed. We’re looking forward to the release of the poetry book, “Poetry from the Heart - Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man

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