Monday, April 27

Monday April 27th… It’s Hot… It’s Nice… We’re Busy… And Ed’s a Comin’ With the Wood!!!!

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We have posts in the ground… measurements for the windows, lumber ready to go and Ed Pooters, Jr. of Middle Field Lumber is on the way with load number two. Ed is a really good friend and business acquaintance we met over a year ago when we needed lumber for the barn… and Ed has come through in every respect of the word. He has cut additional beams and planks for me on short notice, which you just can’t pick up anywhere else, because I miscounted or screwed one up. He has worked through lunch, cutting boards, to see that I had my lumber without holding me up. He is just a SUPER guy and I’d recommend him to anyone needing lumber of any kind.

We have all three long posts in the ground, but the first one, I somehow got located on the wrong mark, so it’s off exactly the width of the post. We’ll correct that by simply pulling the post with the tractor bucket and re-dig the hole and place the post properly. After that, we can make the wood fly on the bunny house.

I’ve also started the re-dig on the Hospice Gift Shop foundation. I removed a bunch of dirt from the inside, but need to hand dig around the edge, near the board, to get it down flush. After that, I need to dig all around the perimeter for the haunch to be installed when it is poured. First, I’ll need some crusher stone to seal off the edges. ALL HAND WORK… Maybe that will work good after the two hot days, when the daily temperature goes down to the sixties after Tuesday……

The alpacas are really doing good now and they are starting to allow us to walk among them without fearing us as much. We can pet Bollero and Luke while they are eating, but Iggy will have none of that. Iggy is however, much more tolerant of our presence in the stall with them or in the pasture now. He will always be the watchdog and I don’t know if he will ever be fully trusting of anyone. (however, Isabelle didn’t seem to worry him a bit and she could approach him easily in the stall). I believe what Iggy needs is time and tender loving care, to prove to him that we love him and would never hurt or threaten him. He’ll come around sometime.

We still have an old hawk stealing our younger chickens. I know they need to eat, but I wish he’d eat out in the fields… not here. I really don’t want to have a meeting of him, the chickens, me and lead… but something must be done if he persists and I’m constantly on watch for the pack of coyotes and that big red fox too.

Life here is such a pursuit of competition, daring…… and LUCK……

Hopefully today will go well and we’ll have some pictures of our progress to post here this evening.

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