Monday, April 27

Mon. April 27th… Building the bunny house got under way today…

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We jumped into the construction of the bunny house today and got it pretty well underway. Tomorrow we will either continue or we will go to the Kingston Lowe’s to pick up the windows. The windows we’ve chosen are 36” x 55”, so we’ve decided to install only two of them in the building. There will be a rear door to the outside and a door from inside the barn, so we do not have to go in and out in the winter. That will help preserve the heat in the building for the bunnies. Below you will see a multitude of pictures, showing lumber piles, progress on the hospice gift shop, the rear deck roof project and just pictures in general of the animals and grounds.
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The following five pictures are of a beautiful sunset across the Pupskill Lake Pond.

Hospice Gift Shop Foundation. Not so good...

The Boys

Hardly room for concrete??

Iggy is so Untrusting... Luke could care less...

Bollero is easy... he like to eat from your hand.

Even when Iggy looks away... his ears don't!!

Talked to Jeff... he saw it afterward. We will re-do it again...

Barn Entryway, to pond.

Nice picture of the house.

Bunny House Lumber for the board & Batten

Now I'm working on getting depth to add the crusher stone. The crusher stone will be delivered by Halsted tomorrow.

The haunch will be around the inside about 16" deep

In process. Slow work by hand with a shovel now.

See the little board setting on top. That is the depth we are going to now.

Back side of the bunny house

Our regular summer visitors.

More views of the construction going on.

Big Window opening

Looks pretty good so far.

Getting ready to mate and hatch a brood

Looks like she is gonna disappear.

Our five new turkey's are cute.

And here is 20 Bantams...

Sometimes being a duck is a lonely job.

Especially if Louie, Huey, Dewy, Poohie, tooie and Chewy are watching.

Here are the five from the incubator

This is our foundation for the center pole on the rear deck roof, through the hole.

One last Hoorah before going to roost.

The lumber pile for the rear deck roof.

This sonna tube goes down four feet into the ground.

Vick and I dug this by had with a post hole digger and a digging iron. A solid footing for the roof rafters on the post.

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