Tuesday, April 28

Tuesday, April 28… Happy Birthday Little Brother! Have a Great Day!!!

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My younger brother Rick lives in central Pennsylvania on a really nice piece of land, right next to a natural trout stream. All summer long he has grass fields, deer, turkeys and trout right next to his house. He is about eight years younger than me, and we’ve never had the joy of being very close, but I still love him and want to wish him the greatest Birthday he’s had in fifty-one years of living. It would be really nice to visit one another, but alas… he has his agenda and I mine; and seldom do our paths cross. Regardless of that… Happy Birthday Brother!

Today is to be a scorcher here in the northeast…… There is a wildfire warning in effect starting this afternoon for us, north of us, into Vermont and over into the Berkshires and Massachusetts. (Maybe even Connecticut) The culprit is to be high winds, the high temperatures of 85 degrees and a very low humidity with scattered lightning strikes. All the ingredients for a severe wildfire in the forests and fields will be in place to cause disaster.

We will try to do as much work around the farm as possible and if the heat gets unbearable, we still need to go to Kingston’s Lowe’s to pick up our windows for the bunny house. I do want to try to dig a little in the foundation area out there and get that ready for pouring cement. Today we fly by the seat of our pants………

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