Wednesday, April 29

Wed. April, 29th… The cool weather will make the wood fly today!!!

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Over night the temperature has dropped from 88° all the way down to the 45° we now have. Tonight, they have already issued a frost warning. Anyone that jumped the gun and planted flowers or vegetables already this year, needs to cover them. If you were one of the ones to give in to the temptation of ushering in springtime weather, just make sure you have everything covered with something heavy. Use a cover that will allow the warm ground temperature to keep your plants warmer than the frost that will gather on the top of your covering.

Today is prime weather for building the bunny house and finishing the base preparation on the foundation of the hospice gift shop cement pad. I will back fill the center with stone until four inches remain, which Jeff will pour full of concrete. Hopefully he will bring me the rest of the boards for the top ring. Once it is applied, the haunch will be done, backfilled and ready to be poured.

We got the windows for the hospice house yesterday at Lowe’s in Kingston. Doesn’t it seem really odd that the Kingston location stocks storm windows, yet none of the stores in the Albany area do? Hum, it sure seems strange to me anyway. We will progress on to the framing and should be applying board and batten if all goes well. I still need to order the roof rafters. I have the purlin’s here and can install them in a heartbeat, but figured why have the rafters lying around in the rain. Long lumber is so difficult to keep from warping when it gets wet. Perhaps we should also pull the ridge beam lumber out and put the beam together, glue it, clamp it and then nail it with ring nails to ensure it is a bonded, solid ridge board. It will then be ready for installation if Herman decides to show up to start working on it. Today should be fun!!

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