Friday, May 1

Friday may 1st… What A Day…Jeese Um…We're POOPED!

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This morning we got up early, let the dogs out, made my coffee, boxed the eggs and swapped the ice packs from the cooler, let all the animals out and fed the alpacas. I then gathered up all the loose wood lying around and placed it into the wagon ready to send to the wood pile later. With that all accomplished, I headed for the house to write the morning blog and sip my coffee. NOT TO BE!!! As soon as I entered the house, Vick called down to tell me that Isabelle was on her way in a half an hour with two barn cats and would give, or help give the boys (the alpacas) their monthly shot of Ivermectin. Soooooo, off we went to make ready for Isabelle’s arrival. We no sooner reached the barn that we noticed a vehicle pull into the driveway. It was Jeff, our contractor friend, checking on the progression of the foundation pad preparation I had done so far. As we were discussing the necessary preparations still needing completed, Isabelle pulled in with a cat in tow in a carrier. We discussed making everything ready for the cats before releasing them in the barn loft. Isabelle said to take our time plugging openings between the beams where the cat could escape to the downstairs area of the barn and she would just leave the carrier with us until she came back with the second mouser later, when they caught it. She then went on to give Luke, Iggy and Bollero their shot. She did Iggy and Luke, then had Vick do Bollero. After the shots were all done, Isabelle left and within a minute, another car pulled into the drive way with a couple from Tennessee who wanted to see the barn and buy some eggs. They had been at the Two Kids Bakery and picked up one of our cards. Those folks looked all around the farm and remarked about the beauty of everything, before leaving for relatives in Westerlo.
Once they bid us farewell, we took off for Middle Field Lumber to pick up our forty 2x4’s and the 2x6 roof rafters we needed. Upon returning, we started cutting and installing the roof rafters on the "Bunny Brothel" and in just a few moments, in pulled Isabelle again with the other cat for the barn. She brought Allison, her neighbor that helps her exercise her horses and helps take care of her alpacas too. After they left the second time, we worked for another fifteen minutes and decided we had better knock it off for the day. We had to go to the Price Chopper to pick up groceries for Vick’s parent’s anniversary dinner tomorrow afternoon. By the time we got home, it was just dark enough to put all the animals away and feed them for the night. I was gonna give you an excuse for not posting a morning blog entry again, but I know you all know and trust that we were probably too busy to blog or we would have, so I guess I won’t offer an excuse.

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