Saturday, May 2

Sat. Eve May 2nd… The Bunny Brothel needs purlins and a metal roof and it’s done……

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We worked our butts off this afternoon and finished the Bunny house before Vick’s family arrived for dinner. Take a look at the results. I believe it is suitable for a bunny to live in. What do you think?

We had a nice dinner of Julia’s corned beef and cabbage along with some honey chicken tenders and fried shrimp as appetizers. We also had several pastries and ice cream for dessert, so everyone was fed well and had a good time. We presented them with one of those new, upside down tomato growing thingies you see on TV all the time. This one is a little different, however, because it comes with a stand and pole to hang it from, so you can place it on your porch or somewhere that you do not have anyplace overhead to hang it. Both Joe and Anita are already planning to plant two tomato plants and some Basil. They’re both excited to get their plants and get it going. Happy Anniversary you Guy’s…… and Many, Many More.

Tomorrow, we will probably install the purlins on the rafters and get ready for the metal roof. Maybe we might even go pick up the metal. Who knows? If I don’t feel any better with my knees and fingers, which have broken out and cracked open with psoriasis again, I doubt that I will do too much of anything. I AM SORE………

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures taken just today by Vicki and I as we could take them. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Ready to put the purlins on... then the steel roof.

My Sweet Vicki, the builder!

Huey, Louie, Douie, Pooey, Tooey and Chewy, coming in to see the fight of the century......

Ol' Vick Donald and friend came to see the gladiators battle.

Even the Geese with little ones came to see the bout!

Round One...DING... and Phillip lashes out at Carlton...

Carlton ducks the attack and shows a little of his own spunk!

They're squaring off and ready to tango... as the Guinea Fowl referee watches for low blows......

They clench in a flurry of feathers...

Carlton on the attack as Tina the Turkey cheers him on...

Oh... WOW! What an upset... Carlton has Phillip on his back... What a BLOW!!!
The Italian Mafia Referee just watches......Looking for fowls

In an evasive move, Carlton ducks under Phillips attack.

Phillip comes back with a double wing spread, tootsie shove...

Next Phillip slaps Carlton up along side of the head and pokes him with a tail feather......

Fowl... FOWL, screams the Guinea hen referee... There's no fighting unless the guineas condone it!

Finally the Mafia leaders call a halt to the bout, calling it a draw! Those Guinea Fowl are tough as nails!

Oh WOW... Look at that! as soon as the referee called the fight, Phillip takes a cheap shot and Carlton barely averted a spur to the eyeball.
Never trust a Chinese Pheasant using Kung Fu!

The boys grazing...

The barn is becoming bigger and bigger......

Lookin' Good

The entire farm, almost....

Iggy, the watchdog and Bollero the fluff ball.

That lumber under the blue tarp is for the upstairs on the barn.

Iggy, looking like E. T. and Luke eating hay. Bollero is just being pretty.

Iggy is really pretty! He was abused badly and doesn't trust easily.

The Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

Rear view of the Bunny House.

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