Sunday, June 28

Sunday, June 28th... The bunnies are home and in their new pen......

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What a day yesterday was! We continue to push to the limit and still don’t seem to get our plans for the day achieved. We were dragging so much last evening, that when we finally did slow down, we noticed it was 11:30 and we both DROPPED! We made it to the upstairs, cleaned up a bit and that was it... we were done. The dogs didn’t object, because if I remember correctly, they were all out...lying around the floor in the air conditioned breeze.
We did take several pictures of the bunnies, so I will post them now. I don’t know what we will do today. I’ve made a pact with myself to take it as it comes. Planning turns into a crap shoot or the crapper every time anyway, so I decided not to plan too much or expect anything. We have a bit to do on the hospice gift shop & order lumber..... Then there is the rear deck project too. We’ll do something though... Fishing was mentioned too for sometime, even if we have to drop other work.
WHAT A WOMAN!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! (she’s so fun and sexy too!)

Aren't they cuties?

These guys are cuddly and soft...

The orange one is cute... cuddly and really soft!!!! I spend a lot of time with her...

Here is my special pick again!!!

Don't they look at home and comfortable???

The dual controlled fan

Another one of the four pens we have made for the bunnies....

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