Sunday, June 28

Sunday, June 28th... Five more Days until Bill comes to fight the pterodactyl...

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It has been said by many, but seen by few, that there are dinosaurs still living in our world today... And I suppose many of you think these people are nuts for thinking that. After all, thousands of years have passed since the Jurassic period, but still, there are many that swear to seeing living creatures of that era alive and breathing today. Thus is the belief of Bill. Bill is a simple man from Long Island who is a hard worker that comes but once a year to relax on the banks of the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond and simply fish. His idea of a good day is simply to catch a large fish... large enough to cook and eat. Seems like a simple quest for a simple man, but this simple man has a annual problem out there all alone on the banks of the Pupskill. He claims there are flying dinosaurs on our farm, around the lake where he fishes. Now we started to believe that this simple man was truly “very Simple”..... Possible bordering on Looney..... In fact, so close to crazy, that last year, we set up surveillance cameras to see what kind of trouble he was experiencing, if any. The first picture of his creature was hard to believe as it flew over the lake.

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Now the second picture, taken a little later, was a little bit clearer and as you can see, it took his fish from a stout sapling that he hung his bass from! To bad we could not capture the picture of Bill fighting to reclaim his fish.

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Now we have to ask ourselves if we don’t possibly agree with his claim that there is an incorrigible, nasty bird of some type...possibly from the Stone Age period, actually assaulting Bill as he tries to relax and fish, right. Well; we’d have Bill tell you this first hand, but as you can see in the last picture.......

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We will have to await his return.
(When ever that might be...if ever!)
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All Jokes aside Bill... We're looking forward to you, Loraine and Andrew's arrival next weekend.

We'll post some new pictures of the bunnies shortly...

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