Friday, July 17

Friday July 17th... Feels Like A Good Day... Some Ibee’s and We’re Off Running......

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Got up today and felt pretty decent compared to the last several days, so we’re gonna hit the Ibuprofen as insurance and put a huge dent into the rear deck roof today. We’re gonna scab lumber on to make the posts 6x6 for added support, then place the two diagonal anti-sway boards on the underside of the roof. Once that is completed, we will start throwing the purlin’s on the upper side of the rafters, in anticipation of the steel roofing arriving at GNH sometime in the beginning of the week. If everything is ready to go, perhaps Adam will be able to put the roof on immediately. Once this baby is completed, we can start to enjoy it daily!

The kittens are satisfied with their new home. They just love owning a hay loft full of places to hide and play. We want them to recognize the loft as their home and safe haven before releasing them to the real world in hopes that the loft is where they will want to return for safety. We plan to have all three fixed as soon as possible so we do not have any kittens and if Smokey Joe is neutered, perhaps he will not visit so much and will remain at home.

Tomorrow is the farmers market again. We always look forward to spending the morning there, talking to neighbors and other farmers. It seems to grow as more and more folks show up and we sell out earlier and earlier each week. Even after we sell out, we stick around till the end so folks know we were there and maybe they will show up earlier the next week to get eggs. Besides, it’s to the other stands benefit if you stay, making the event look larger and more impressive. I just wish the chickens would start to cooperate and lay eggs like they did before the farmer’s market started. There were times we had fifty dozen eggs in the three refrigerators at the farm, causing us minor stress, worrying where we would market the eggs. Since then, we have jumped through legal hoops and can legally market them in the local stores for retail sale, which keeps them moving and allows us to give the customer the freshest eggs possible. Some folks are actually buying eggs during the day which were gathered less than 24 hours before their purchase. All our eggs were cleaned, candled and immediately refrigerated from the beginning, but we didn’t grade and sort them by weight. Now we do the entire requirement and keep records when selling to stores and such. I just wish the hens would now comply! We were getting 35 to 50 dozen a week..... Now we are getting about 16 to 20 dozen a week. Nothing has changed on our end... we do the same all the time, but the heat has changed and they started wanting to sit on nests, etc. so I guess it’s a normal annual behavior and change.

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