Thursday, July 16

Thurs. Eve, July 16th... Another day shot! Although We Did Enjoy it Immensely!!

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Went to the nurse practitioner this morning to discuss my psoriasis and whether or not she thought it could possibly be rheumatoid psoriasis or some other type. She definitely thinks it’s a form of an auto-immune condition of some type, so she gave me a referral to a specialist. She ordered blood work, which is drawn right there, in their own lab and she wanted to test that for Lyme’s Disease, just in case. Seems they want to check everyone here in upstate New York for Lyme’s infection now since it is so rampant up here. (Damned ticks...) Anway... Looks like I am going to a specialist some day. We have to make the appointment or call them on Monday when the guy that knows what he is doing is there, because the lady at the desk today was dumb as a box of rocks.
When we left there, we headed home where we grabbed a bite to eat for lunch and then headed to Tannersville for an appointment and then ran on over to Lexington, to Vick’s parents house. No one was home. On the way home, we stopped at Bear Creek Restaurant and had dinner. We had a $10.00 hamburger and fresh cut fries. WOW was the burger BIG!! You couldn’t eat it like a sandwich, because you could not get your mouth open far enough to get the hamburger into you mouth to take a bite. We had to cut it with a knife like a steak with bread. The burger patty was freshly formed and actually measured an inch and a half thick! When we arrived, we told the waitress that we unfortunately weren’t very hungry and asked if they didn’t perhaps have a bar menu with hamburgers rather than a full course meal. That was what we got! A burger w/fries, soup and a drink times Vicki and I equals $45.00. For two folks who really weren’t that hungry! Oh well, it was a really nice place and We now know the regular meals are probably to die for, so we’ll keep that place in mind when we want a nice sit down dinner in a nice place.

When we got home, we shot a few pictures of Calli, Kaylee and Smokey Joe. They are our new loft cats, picked out to inherit the hay loft over the barn. It is now their domain and they can patrol it and keep all those deadbeat mice out that want to move in and take over. Let them run and before you know it they’ll be collecting protection money from the chickens, then the Guinea Mafia will step in and we’ll have a gang war on our hands. The Mafia birds already keep things straight between the ducks and chickens. If a squabble happens to erupt between two birds, the Guinea squad step in and breaks it up. Anyway, the kittens...when grown are expected to be the Untouchables...... and stop all this by running the rats in.... Anyway, here are the Untouchables... Calli, Kaylee and Smokey Joe.
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