Monday, July 20

Monday July 20th... Time Marches On... Summer is half over... Fall coming quickly...

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Wow, look how quickly time is passing us by! We are heading into August and in another eleven days, which will definitely occur as if it were only eleven minutes, we will be there. We haven’t had a cook out with friends yet and have only had one BBQ with close family, early in the spring. We wanted to finish the buildings we have under construction so we could spend a day on the Hudson River fishing or just boating, trying some bank fishing along some of the local streams and take a few minutes to run a spinner or two in the local trout streams. What I wouldn’t give for a limit of filleted trout and a bowl full of fresh cut French fries..... Awwwwww baby, a meal fit for a king!
I would love to visit some of the more scenic areas that I haven’t been to yet and See the attractions, so I could snap a few more pictures for my picture disc, entitled, “The Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley in Pictures”, which I have marketed on my site, where my other books are available and Vick’s artwork and stained glass are listed. I would like to visit local towns which we have not been fortunate enough to visit yet, like Latham, Chatham and other quaint little towns with attractions. We can take a lengthy day trip to places like Watkins Glen, above Corning.... toward the center of the state, or of course, there is always good ol’ Vermont and Massachusetts which are really close to us too. In fact, we’ve been known to drive to Bennington, Vermont for coffee and cake. We’ve been as far north as Granville, New York, in Vermont, we’ve gone north as far as North Rupert and in Massachusetts, we’ve been to Newington. There are still a million things to see in all three of these states and nothing stopping us from making day trips anywhere within them.

I often think of the days spent sitting around the house, doing absolutely nothing, wasting a great day that, given an expenditure of gas, could turn into a great adventure we would never forget. In fact...... guess what I am doing at this very moment! Wasting the day... burning daylight sitting in front of this stupid computer with the sun shining and the birds are singing. I’m leaving now...going to experience life a little bit today. You should do the same if possible.

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