Sunday, July 19

Sun. Eve, July 19th... Time Marches On and Wait’s for No One...Get in The Way and Get Run Over!

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We changed our pricing to coincide with changes we have had to make to our packaging with the strict requirements of the New York Department of Agriculture’s recommended guidelines for egg quality management. We are required to, and have been cleaning, candling, grading and sizing each egg by weight to determine how each eggs is to be packaged. All eggs are placed in new boxes stating the grade, size and our farm name and address. Now with this packaging we can sell from the farm, at the farmers market or place the eggs into retail outlet stores for sale to the public. We used to sell unclassified eggs in used boxes here on the farm, giving credit for returned boxes.
With this new change in packaging and marketing, we can no longer market eggs in boxes other than our own. We can, in the interest of re-cycling, reuse returned boxes if they are ours, are clean and not damaged. We can no longer give cash credit for returns though. Those days are gone forever, it seems and some people are upset with that. It actually means less hassle for us, and a better bargain for the customer, because now they can choose Jumbo, X-Large, Large or Medium. The Duck, Guinea Fowl, Bantam and Turkey eggs remain unchanged.

Time marches on......waits for nobody and it has been said that, “Time is money.” Why then do so many people in this world choose to waste it? Why do they spend it creating such hate and discontentment? Is it necessary to make sure that your actions cause others grief? It seems to me that in my fifty eight years of life, I have seen many people go completely out of their way to cause a family member heartache or pain. It wouldn’t be any different than taking a baseball bat and hitting them repeatedly all over their bodies, causing pain and discomfort. First there is the physical discomfort that is present with the shellacking from the bat, then, there is the mental anguish suffered at the thought of a loved one inflicting such abuse.........and for what? Why? Family is the one gift given that you cannot replace if lost. You cannot buy family with any amount of money......... family is a feeling of love, security, closeness. Being with family is like embracing yourself...they are you and you are them. You can help them, love them, spend time with them and laugh with them. Family makes life worth living.... if family understands this. If they feel the same, you can have some pretty hefty encounters of the heart, mind and soul. Family loving family and being together, is something you will never encounter in a group of friends or can achieve without the family ingredients..........One Another. Never destroy something so precious. Guard it with your life and pray for those who don’t understand it!

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