Sunday, July 19

Sun. July 19th... A Study In Human Nature Isn’t Without Risk... You find......

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People are funny.... As was stated every week, by Art Link letter in the forties, on a popular radio station that carried the program bearing that same name. It certainly is a true and broad description, not of a person’s humorous side, but of their oddities. Most people want what they think would be nice for everyone, as long as everyone else is prepared to provide it for everyone else in the end.... the originators included. You know what I mean. "Boy it sure would be nice if we all got together and made a pavilion here for everyone to use for picnics when it is raining outside. That way, none of us would ever have to cancel our plans if it is raining a little when we wanted to go." Sounds good right? It sounds logical that if everyone pitched in and worked together, a pavilion would certainly be an easy thing for a community to share in building..... But... rest assured that usually the person who came up with this brain storm, will be not be around when the work is to commence. Perhaps once the project is completed, they will mention that it was their idea and that it was the greatest community project ever undertaken and that they use it frequently and it’s the greatest! Yes... now you can say, “You know, people are funny.” It happens all the time. I’ve even watched, to see if there was some hidden prerequisite to making a suggestion for something, in case the one suggesting the idea is not allowed to participate in the fruition of the work. You know, kind of like the disclaimer saying that employees of our business are exempt from playing or entering into this raffle. I have found that it is not a requirement and you can in fact participate in the back busting work of creating a community project! But.... the work is never entered into, but at fruition of the worked on project, you can rest assured that the originator will be among the first to enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labor. It is best not looked at because you find occasionally that your best friends are sometimes the culprits, so don’t look!!!!!

We worked on the rear deck project yesterday and almost finished all the purlin’s, which would make it ready for Adam and the metal roofing, allowing us to go back to the gift shop. The deck roofing is going to be a great thing that we will enjoy on a daily basis. It will allow us to use the deck and BBQ grill any time we want and we can eat out there in the mornings without sitting on wet chairs anymore.

We went to the drive-in last evening to see Harry Potter..... Perhaps if we had waited until it came out on home video, we could have watched it enough times to keep up, and know what the story line is. That is not the case at the drive-in where the picture is always too dark to see everything and the sound is so bad, even on your radio, that you miss bits of the story. Anyway, we were disappointed.

We have found again, that you can’t please everyone all the time, half the time or Really... Anytime!!! We find ourselves doing things one way and having an over abundance of eggs to market, then we change and end up running out of eggs...without our loyal customers getting theirs which makes us feel bad, then we end up with some of this and some of that and some happy people and some mad people, so we’ve taken the advice of both our best customers. “Do what you have to do to make everything easy and right.... if it means increasing the price, so be it.” That has been sound advice. In light of the fact that we don’t make anything on the sale of eggs anyway, why were we going crazy catering to the masses? Instead we changed our egg pricing.
We now sell 100% certified, graded, sized eggs which are from guaranteed “free Range chickens” turned loose every morning to roam the 9 acre farm, eating all natural foods, without additives. They are as close to “organic” as you can actually get, but we will never claim that “fantasy classification”. We would have a better chance of being completely organic than a commercial egg farm, because how do you maintain thousands of chickens, without medicines and chemicals to control filth, rodents, smell, fungus and germs which would devastate a flock in short order. How can you insure your feed is free of these items either? You are at the mercy of the producers who sell products to mills to grind and blend into feed. How can you be positive there were no insecticides sprayed on the crops of some underhanded seller/grower seeking the highest price for his product? It’s hard to believe an egg producer is certified organic. Just check into the meaning of the word as it relates to eggs, farms, meat producers, slaughter houses or anywhere.
We’ll never believe it.... never claim it... nor will we ever pay for it!

The Organic Food Festivals of the Ninny's!!
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