Tuesday, July 21

Tuesday July 21st... A Full Day of Rain Allows the Mind to Drift to Memory......

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This morning since it was raining, we took off for Albany where we got a few items we were waiting to get to town to pick up. Vick needed more of the pocket pages for her art portfolio and since they are thirty dollars for a ten pack, we wait until they give a 50% off coupon at Michael's and we both buy a package, using the coupon. These are a necessary item in her portfolio so her original paintings stay safe, even when someone is thumbing through the portfolio, nothing can mark or stain the original paintings. We got two packs of those protective sheet packages and then went to Arlene’s for professional sable brushes. She picked a twenty four dollar, sable round tip, that measures about a half inch by an eight inch around. Expensive, yes....but it will serve her forever. Michaels didn’t have any good quality brushes, but Arlene’s carries a line of expensive, good, sable brushes, in various sizes and shapes. Vick has learned that good professional brushes, pan paints and the best paper make the difference in quality paintings. Vick is now creating gallery quality paintings, in my opinion, and will one day be ready to exhibit them in the library or the bank for all to see.
The steel roofing came in to GNH this afternoon. We were in Albany when they called to say we could pick it up anytime we want. Vick told them we would possibly get it tomorrow sometime. She then called Adam, the roofer, to inform him that we were going to pick it up and that it was then up to him to install it when he is ready. Adam mentioned Friday as a possibility for installing it and that it would hinge on the weather. We were ecstatic that it would be so soon, because we can’t wait!

It certainly looks like we will not be attending the Farmer’s Market this Saturday unless something changes drastically. We gather our eggs; clean them, weigh them and packaged them by size, then place them in the cooler on the porch with the price marked on each dozen. They stay there for.......possibly an hour and we’re out of eggs again until the next gathering. This entire process happens again all over. The hens have slowed from five or more dozen a day, all the way down to a dozen or two. Sometimes they lay a heaping three dozen! We have tried everything from music, to extra feed, make sure they have plenty of clean water and lots of light, but the slump is unbroken right now, so we may not make it to the market!

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