Saturday, November 7

Saturday, Nov. 7th... The Pool Is Closing TODAY... Amid Ice and Cold Conditions...

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Well, we're really sorry, but you cannot swim here anymore until next spring! I'm closing the pool today, amid imagined complaints from the local "Polar Bear Swim Club", which I haven't seen or heard from yet. I just know they are complaining, because we are the only open, outside pool, between Upstate New York and Florida!
I loosened the top cap of the strainer at the pump to reveal a little ice around the top edge as frigid water gushed forth to start that freezing effect on my fingers which I will endure all through the closing function performed today. I don't like to do things too early you know... like opening the pool before summer is about over or closing it before winter's snow, but this year I'm gonna make an exception and close it before Thanksgiving... and anyone that doesn't like that will just have to find another place to swim!

We were going to simply drain the water below the skimmer and eyeball socket, install the skimmer cover plate and the expansion plug into the eyeball opening and leave the pump and lines in place...and NOT install a cover this year, but I re-considered. I will leave it uncovered, but we are removing the hoses and pump/filter assembly to the Wilson house or the basement for the winter. I just don't like leaving fragile plastic things like that out there in the winter freeze. I'll install the skimmer cover plate to keep that enclosure empty and insert the eyeball plug to keep the ice out of it. We will also remove the steps to sit on the deck. No cover will be used and we will not worry about ice and snow, since it doesn't make a difference anyway. It will be what it will be in the spring anyhow.

We had two visitors already this morning... Peter our friend from Ravena, stopped this morning for alpaca beans for his garlic patch. Another neighbor stopped by for two dozen of our farm fresh eggs. He stops about twice a week. Hard to tell how many others will stop today for eggs.

Later this afternoon, we are going to a 75th birthday party for Vick's uncle in Simsbury, CT. It appears that there will be a lot of family in attendance, that Vicki seldom see's, so we are anxious to go. We have a friend that will stay with the dogs here and watch the farm and feed the critters this evening, so there is no hurry in returning. That's great, because they're being here will allow us to enjoy the family gathering as we celebrate, without worrying about rushing home.

Well, I see the water has quit draining from the filter on the pool, so I'm off to close it up. Well.....I've always been off a little anyway, so......nothing new.

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