Sunday, November 8

Sunday, November 8th... What an Excellent Time We had With Family Last Evening...

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Yesterday around three twenty, we left Greenville and headed east on the Massachusetts turnpike, headed for small town just west of Springfield called Westfield, where we headed south to Simsbury and the 1820 House. What a beautiful Inn and catering hall from the early 1800's. We arrived about fifteen minutes before the cocktail hour and immediately mingled with family Vicki hadn't seen in years. I met many of the family that I had heard of, but never saw before and I really enjoyed meeting them and listening to all the tales of yesteryear. Vick had an excellent time and we all celebrated her Uncle Charlie's 75th birthday with a divine dinner of roast beef, chicken, shrimp, pasta and scalloped potatoes to die for... followed by desert and birthday cake. What a joy it was to see Vicki's Dad, Joe and his brother Charlie together, talking and laughing as they reminisced about old times. Several of the grandchildren stood and recited pleasant memories of their grandfather and special moments spent together in their lives. It was a special evening for all in attendance and we all had a pleasant, relaxing time. Vick and I both invited any and all who would care to come and visit, to do so anytime and I presented one of my books to her uncle and Vick presented him with one of her beautiful matted pictures. We left sometime after ten o'clock and headed for home. We arrived at 12:35, let the dogs out one last time as I started the pellet stove and then all retired to the bedroom to call it a day.

Today, if I feel better than I do right now, we'll finish up the pool closing, by putting all the deck items away along with the pump and hoses. Once done at the pool, we'll probably go to the gift shop and work. Maybe.........

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