Sunday, November 8

Sunday Eve, Nov. 8th... We didn't Do Very Much At All After the Pool...

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Once the pool was drained and I removed the hoses, pump/filter assembly and installed the skimmer plate and plug in the eyeball socket, I left the drained pump and filter, along with the hoses, sitting just outside the gate where the dogs couldn't chew on it and we took off for a bite to eat. Upon returning, it was almost dark enough to put the critters in for the night, so we did just that. At six o'clock, we sat on the couch to watch the movie, The Green Mile, with Tom Hanks. When it was finished, we fed the dogs and put Vick's latest artwork together which we will hang on the living room wall.
I'll put all the pool stuff away tomorrow when I feel more like running around out there making room and storing all the bench cushions, hoses, tools and such. There will also be umbrellas for the tables and other things on the rear deck too. Then, there are all the cushions and things on the front porch too. I also have to pull the pump out of the garden pond and remove the filter pads.
Oh Shoot... I still have to drain and blow out the hoses from the side of the house which goes all over the place. I forgot them!!!
Jeeze Um... does one ever get done or ready for winter?

When we get this stuff done, I'd like to work on the outside of the gift shop and finish the battens... then install the batten strips on the bunny brothel also. That needs done for winter. Vick is going to order the grids for the windows in the gift shop. Those tall skinny windows really need the grids to look right.

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