Friday, December 18

Friday, Dec. 18th... On Our Way in Twenty Hours... Breakfast in McVeytown, Pa...

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We will finish up today with intentions to leave for Pennsylvania around four AM tomorrow morning. That should put us in Yetter's restaurant in McVeytown, Pa around 9:00 AM, where we will have an excellent breakfast. After that, it is only a short distance to Huntingdon Manor, where Dad now lives. It will take another twenty minutes to drive there after breakfast. We plan to visit for the morning, and then take off around noon to grab some Kentucky Fried Chicken for them. That is my Dad's favorite meal and he constantly complains about not getting enough of it. Several months ago, Vick phoned the area KFC and asked if they would deliver to the Huntingdon Manor, if we added a tip and money to cover the gas cost for someone to run it over. They agreed, so Dad and Rose had their box of KFC chicken, compliments of one special, adopted daughter.... Vicki, my caring, loving wife, who has adopted my Dad as well...
Anyway...after we return with their KFC and sit with them as they feast, we will then say our good-byes and head back to New York. We have a few stops to make along the being an Amish store in Big Valley called Peight's Country Store. There, we will buy special items only available in an Amish store. They sell bulk foods, clothing, kitchen supplies and dining items and knick-knacks of all kinds that make little Amish eyes twinkle (along with Vick's). Next we will stop at A.J. Peachey's meat market for a log of sweet lebanon bologna, some bacon and anything else that appears good. They will have the Amish Christmas decorations up there too, which will be nice for Vick to see. We may stop at Dairyland Antiques, if Vick wants to. I want to stop at the Giant store in Lewistown for several dozen white crème filled doughnuts, which are impossible to get around here, so I'll load up on them and freeze them for later...
On the way home, we will stop at Cabela's Outdoor Shop in Hamburg, Pa...And if Vick is so minded... we can go on up the road to the little restaurant for a late we've done one other time before... when we went to Cabalas. After that, it's just a three hour ride to home again, where we will greet our house sitters with a taste of Pennsylvania over a hot cup of coffee as we relax with them and the dogs before going to bed. It should be a full day alright!
We can't wait!!! And yes Bill...there will be lots of pictures of our travels!!!

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