Sunday, December 20

Sun. Dec. 20th... Let It Snow...Let It Snow...Let It Snow... Who Cares Now???????

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Well......We've returned from the trip of the century and fared none too bad for the wear and tear of it, so to speak!!! We ran into snow around Danville or so on Interstate 80 as we made our way to the Bellefonte exit just east of State College, Pa. By the time we made it to Lewistown, there was about three inches of fresh snow on the ground and the roads were beginning to become a concern for the area motorists. By the time we stopped at the little restaurant in McVeytown for breakfast, there was about four or more inches on the ground. Now Vick and I don't even blink an eye about driving in a bunch of snow and we're prepared to do it here in upstate New York on a daily basis, so we continued on our merry way, despite the ooh's and awe's of all those around us...especially after those that asked where we were from added extra ooh's and WOW's. We pulled in at the hospital around 1:00 in the afternoon and surprised Dad and Rose as they played bingo. They both had their backs to us as I leaned between both of them and then said "Bingo". After their surprise, we wheeled them both back to their rooms and we visited with them as they ate the Kentucky Fried Chicken and Christmas cookies we gave them. Vick also gave them one of her latest watercolor pictures she did of a cat and Beta fish kissing in a fish bowl. We stayed as long as we felt we could and left around 2:30 or so, figuring the return trip to be interesting, because it continued to snow at a pretty brisk rate. I suppose there was a good five or six inches on the ground when we left Huntingdon. We went down through Big Valley to stop at A. J. Peachey & Sons for some of their bacon, sausage, sweet lebanon bologna and whoopie pies. We left there and headed for Pleasant Gap and route 80 heading east to the Delaware Water Gap and New Jersey. We took 287N to Mahwah and the NY Thruway at the 17/87 split, heading north on the thruway at a brisk rate in six to eight inches of snow......We happily drove out of the snow just south of the Poughkeepsie exit and finished our drive home on dry roads. All in all... it was a very exciting and enjoyable trip to see my Dad and come back with a bunch of GOOD Pennsylvania goodies.

Today one of our egg customers dropped by for a dozen eggs, and since we knew she was originally from Pa, we offered her a pair of the (48) Giant Supermarket, white cream filled doughnuts (which are famous in Pa). She immediately agreed to accept them and the whoopie pie from Peachey's meat market which Vick also offered... as she was familiar with both and always longed for their special flavors!
Now that was one happy transplanted Pennsylvanian as she moseyed off with her eggs and pastries...... Vick and I remained at the table munching on the bacon, sausage and sweet lebanon we were sampling when she arrived for eggs.
We were extremely happy too and I am the only transplanted Pennsylvanian here!
Oh wait...wait... Vick is a transplanted Pennsylvanian too......she spent summer weekends in Lititz at her cottage for years too!!!
Ah...that's why we are so much alike no doubt.........

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This is the restaurant I love to eat in...

This is Dad and his new wife, Rose.

The parking lot...

Beautiful little town of Huntingdon, Pa.

A Big Valley farm near Allensville, Pa.

A buggy passing the Allensville Planing Mill...

A lonely buggy on a snowy road below Allensville, Pa.

Must be a Saturday evening event somewhere...

The sign speaks for itself... This is where all the Amish goodies come from... They ship nation wide too!!!
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