Sunday, March 14

Sun. March 14th... Another Day on the Farm Which Lacks Normal Beauty......

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Today...again, we are sentenced to lousy weather in the form of gloomy, cold, damp and rainy skies. If we make it through today, we will have the next three sunny days above fifty degrees to rejoice in! While the rains predicted today will continue to melt the snow here, I would rather have the sunny days in the fifties to remove old man winter's presence and make way for spring!
I believe I should do a little plotting and planning in the gift shop, so I'll probably install receptacle boxes, ceiling light boxes and the ceiling fan boxes. We now know what the setback on the boxes must be to end up flush with the wall covering, so they can be installed and the wire pulled. We need a breaker panel, but I'm going to pick up a nice panel for the potting shed, which is the actual hub of the outside building electrical system. Everything sub feeds from there to the pond, pole light, barn and now the gift shop. I will place the larger panel in the potting shed and put that one into the gift shop. We will also need to calculate the insulation needs and the flue pipe and fire prevention in that corner for the wood burner. There is a bunch of work to be completed and every time I think of it, it becomes more and more of a cost issue with completing this project. Things are a little tight right now and we just have to complete it as we can. It will happen...a little at a time, I guess.

Did everyone get their clocks turned ahead? If not, you better do it now or you'll be behind everyone all day long! This daylight savings time thing, once again thrusts us into dining problems at dinner time now. We will have to eat dinner earlier now if we go out, so we can return and put the animals in for the night before dark. If we wait until our usual eating time, it will be after the animals are put away at dusk and most places around here are then ready to close. This has always been a problem, especially if we are invited to dinner during the day, after the birds have already been released, because we cannot meet them until after dark, so we must impress on friends to invite us at least a day in advance so we do not turn the animals loose that day.

We got one really nice angora mat last night and two beautiful sheep's wool mats, which Vick drew off of the carding machine using a diz, drawing the fiber from the mat into the shape of round tubing like roving, making a really long piece measuring about twelve feet long. Usually a mat is 25 by 8 inches. Vick says you can spin from either, but you don't have to join as much with the long roving, which is a pleasure and a little faster, I guess.

Sheeps Wool from Karen O'Dell

Lamb's Wool from Karen O'Dell also

We still need the snow to melt

A lot at the barn yet...

The drive way is clear though

Evidence of spring being here soon!

Our poor picnic table collapsed under the weight of the snow.
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