Monday, April 26

Monday, April 26, 2010... Another Fine Rainy Day Is Predicted...Who Cares?????

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We have another rainy day on tap for us today, so we'll finalize the lumber list for Tru Cut Lumber and get him cutting so we can start to put the ceiling up on the gift shop this week. He assured us we could have the lumber this week.
Today we'll work on fixing our picnic table on the rear deck and then the wiring inside the gift shop.
Here are updated photos of the three kittens Kay-Lee had, but we are still awaiting the litter which Callie should deliver anytime. She is into the pre-labor act right now...because the night before last, she was vomiting, pacing and crying, because she just couldn't get comfortable as usual. Usually within 12-36 hours of such actions, they deliver. Callie will be the exception, wait and see!
Well, time to get busy doing something! Here are the pix's.....

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