Thursday, May 6

Thursday, May 06, 2010... Getting things Getting Things Outta the Way....

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This morning I jumped into the chores needing done and we got the eggs gathered, cleaned and refrigerated and went on to install the rear screen door in the bunny brothel. We then made the shots up for the Alpacas and administered the monthly Ivermectin injections. We are likely not going to pick Herbie up until the end of May, because Dawna, our friend is getting a sheep and a lamb, but her lamb won't be ready to leave momma until the end of May. We can't justify a trip all the way to Pittsfield and then another in a mere two weeks again. It pays us to just wait and pick all three up then. (Provided Donna doesn't mind keeping Herbie another two weeks)
We went to the basement to look at the guns we have which we will use to install the board ceiling for the hospice gift shop porch. Once that's done, we'll start the wiring so we can get it inspected. Then we can do the insulation and wall boards. We'll have to go somewhere to see about linoleum for the floor and then decide on a counter for the checkout. Fun, Fun, Fun......Stay tuned for updates....For now, we'll do a few errands and pick up some short nails for the ceiling board installation.
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