Friday, June 4

Friday, June 04, 2010...Kay-Lee is Up and At Em.... Putty is Hanging With Her....

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Kay-Lee is over the operation and far the better than her sister that will be going for the same operation in about a month. She is now nursing a three week old litter upstairs. She was about a month behind Kay-Lee when she got pregnant to Tommy down the road. As soon as she weans the kittens and they are on solid food, she is going to the same place for the same operation.
I started this post this morning, stopped to grab a bite to eat, then went to the rear dog run and mowed the grass there, then went to get gas for the other mower too. We stopped at Greene County Horseshoe to get a water bucket and another feed pan for Herbie. While I was out there hanging the new feed pan and water bucket, I fixed the chain closure on the big gate so you don't have to stretch and reach down over the gate to feed the chain through the opening. Now there are two sections which are easily latched.
After doing those several little fixes, I built the door for the turkey house, mounted the double hung window and the little one that faces the pasture. We are now ready to install a few more spacer 2x4's and then order the wood for the board and battens and the steel roofing.
I also have to upgrade the breaker panel in the potting shed so I have the small one to put into the gift shop. That needs to be done on a cool, overcast day, because we won't have power for fans or anything in the barn until I have the panels switched.
We're done for the weekend now, because our son from Long Island is here with his wife Loraine for the weekend. We'll do a lot of yakking and Antiquing for the next couple of days, as we entertain them. We need the rest anyway!!!
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