Thursday, June 3

Thursday, June 03, 2010... Kay-Lee Is Back To Normal, But Always Sleeping...

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It doesn't bother us that Kay-Lee is sleeping all the time after her surgery. She was spayed yesterday and we got her back around three o'clock and she acted drunk, late into the night. This morning she was back to normal, except that she was moving slowly, which was to be expected. She was purely delighted to be home and is laying on the guest bed, purring up a storm.
We went to Lowe's this morning to get some wire fencing for around the flower beds in front of the house where Vick was trying to establish some ground cover, but the chickens just devastate anything not guarded pretty special. Unfortunately, when we returned with 100 feet of this fencing, she tried a ten foot section when we found that there is a gap between the one and the next one, which is large enough for a regular hen to walk right on in. Back to the drawing board....some $140.00 later... but we'll return it for something which might work better.
Tomorrow we'll do a quick run for dog feed at the Agway store, stop quickly at Witt's Antiques and then head home to finish the turkey house. We'll also call Dave at Tru-Cut Lumber, and order more boards and battens for the turkey house and enough to make a road side egg shack so people don't have to come in on our porch. Keep watching for updates........
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