Sunday, June 6

Sunday, June 06, 2010... We Are Finally Getting Our Needed Rain For The Pond....

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Finally.... A day of soaking rain, to spread a little need relief to our beloved "Pupskill Bay Lake Creek Pond Stream", which has been getting lower and lower as each day passed. It was actually rumored that the fish in the pond were sneaking up to the house in the middle of the night with the intention of stealing water from our garden hose. They formed a line of fish all the way back to the pond, were filling buckets, and then relayed the water back down that line to the pond.
Gee, imagine that, a bucket brigade of fish.... We would have never known had we not been awakened by two suckers giggling, as they filled their buckets. Seriously, the pond was getting dangerously low...low enough that I was almost ready to install the aeration pump again, like we did a few years ago, to inject some oxygen into the still water, to help support the aquatic life in the pond. The bass lose their deep rich greenish yellow color, with the black stripe down their side, almost disappearing, due to lack of oxygen. Once we see that, we immediately install the aeration pump.

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Bill and Loraine will be leaving this afternoon......Heading for that Long Island, near the city of New York. They have spent one of their two annual visits with us, shopping, antiquing and enjoying dining out, then just kicking back to relax and enjoy. Today, we will visit some place good for lunch and then probably do our usual departure day of antiquing, maybe not this time, because Loraine wants to stop at Inquiring Mind Bookstore in Saugerties, on the way home, to drop off more of her book entitled, "Don't you Get It?" , a book on APD or Auditory Processing Disorder. If you have a child diagnosed with APD or know of a friend who has a child with it, go to Loraine's web site and check out her book! It's selling like hotcakes all over the world! Recently Loraine met Rosie O'Donnell at the 92nd street Y in New York City, where she was speaking. Loraine presented Rosie with a copy of her book and in return, was graciously offered a copy of Rosie's book, which she had published on the same subject of APD.
Anyway, what we do today will be sort of up in the air, because we could also go to Leeds and visit a large antique shop there and they would then stop at Saugerties once they left there. Either way, we'll spend a bit of time with them this morning and early afternoon, before they have to give up and head home to the rat race of the big city....
Later today, if the weather co-operates, we will shoot updated photos of the animals here on the farm, highlighting the newly acquired sheep of the Cluckin' "A".
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