Tuesday, June 8

Tuesday, June 08, 2010... Cleaning...fixing...making...Thinking...To Be Ready...

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This coming Saturday is Vick's Dad's birthday and we are planning a party here at the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm. Everyone that is able, can come early, visit and stay as long as they want...staying over until Sunday, if possible. We have finished the front porch, which can now hold a good dozen people, just chatting in the evening. There is a fan if it is hot and screened in panels to keep the bugs at bay when the lamps are turned on. It's quite cozy out there now. The rear deck is also capable of entertaining a large number of people with a glider, many chairs, a stone water fountain surrounded by flowers and ferns and an area with a roof over the barbeque grill and stove. We have a microwave out there also, so it is functional as well as entertaining. Joe's brother and family from Connecticut is coming, as well as a niece from Las Vegas, so we'll definitely have folks staying overnight. For that reason, Joe and Anita will stay here also, to visit as much as possible. We anticipate a great time will be had by all in attendance. Everyone coming will be bringing food, so we will have a feast of a time with four huge cakes and other desserts I'm sure.... It is sure to be a dieter's delight!!!!!

This morning, we are to have a carpet cleaning guy from Greenville show up to clean the carpets, which has turned into an annual summer event, well after the muds of spring have long dried up. When you have five dogs and a few cats meandering around in the spring slush and mud, it becomes an event the lady of the house looks forward to. Twenty eight paws, plus a sloppy husband, can make a wreck out of a carpet quickly, in this area which historically boasts of an annual mud season which can last months.

Once the carpet cleaning guy is here and under way, I'll head out to the rock pile and load as many flat stones onto the trailer as possible. They are for around the potting shed, where we are creating a patio look. I'll bring the stone over and place them like puzzle pieces, with intentions of filling between them with earth and stone. Later swept and watered, it will finish like cement and hold the stones in place, looking like mortar. When the heat becomes unbearable, I'll switch to the weed whacker under the trees...in the shade... along the Pupskill pond, where I'll cut the long weeds missed by the mower yesterday.

If we keep at it, we'll have everything ready for the arrival of Joe & Anita, Joe's brother & wife, their kid's & families and his niece from Vegas, plus many others in attendance. We'll be able to sit and visit too, which we're looking forward to doing!

For now....We're off to see the critters..... the wonderful critters of ours!
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