Friday, June 18

Friday, June 18, 2010... Attack of the Pasture Tree....Away She Goes!!!!

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This morning, our friend Dawna is coming over to relax? She wants to help us cut up the fallen tree in the pasture. (Sounds like rest to me alright...) Anyway, she is the friend that bought the two little lambs we have out there. Dawna has become a real "little Bo Peep" with her sheep, which makes Vick and I feel pretty good. It was like giving her a dream she always had...and helped to make it come true. She is always excited to come over....and in her own words...even if just shovel doodoo. In fact...she said she would much rather come over here and shovel the critter shit, than go to work and shovel administrative shit! I laughed, but know EXACTLT what she means. She is a personnel administrator in a museum in Massachusetts somewhere... I'm sure that is not exciting, in itself, after a while either!
Oh yeah....We have a bunch of newbie's popping up here and there. Below are a bunch of pictures of chicks from everywhere and other critters enjoying life...Check out the guinea fowl Keats under the hen that hatched them!!!!! I'll write later with more as it happens..... Stay tuned to NEWS, channel.... "Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm"!!
Lousy News Update.................. The little Keats were I wrote the above sentence...Only minutes after Vick and Dawna saw them under the momma hen that hatched them!!! That is the one thing I hate about chickens and other fowl. They are cannibalistic and cruel...and as soon as the momma hen left her nest to feed, they were attacked! The one was completely devoured in a few minutes and the other was rescued by a hen sitting on a nest, but it was too late and she took the dead body to her nest. I recovered the dead keet from under her. In the future, we need to watch the nests of setting hens and remove the hatchlings and remaining eggs to the incubator as soon as we see a hatch occur. Those poor little guys never even stood a chance in this cruel world, among their own kind... much like the human heathens of the world... It makes you wonder.....

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