Saturday, June 19

Saturday, June 19, 2010... Another Day Is Done In The Grand Scheme of Life...

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Today, we were up and out of the house jammed full of goodies and off we went to the 2nd farmers market of the summer. We sold approximately 16½ dozen of our eggs to happy folks who were happy to see that we returned this season... after not completing last seasons market. We simply couldn't make any money doing it the way we were, so this year we have a new approach. It allows us to become more efficient and turn a slight profit, which is not really a profit when you figure everything into the grand scheme of the farm. We may never make a profit...but we enjoy doing what we do and consider it a labor of love.
In addition to selling eggs, we sold one of Vick's greeting card packets and I received payment for one of my books which was sold out of the Hollowbrook Restaurant. What a surprise that was when Jim, owner of the restaurant handed me the excited as I that the book sold. He immediately took another copy to place in the restaurant again.
We spent the day making people happy and chatting with our friends Joodee and Isabelle as we sold our wares. We also got to see Keren from the old "two Kids Bakery". She was there with the two kids, selling cookies and pastries to patrons.
We now got two guinea fowl keets in the brooding box along with a bunch of Bantams and we just placed another Bantam which hatched this morning, into the brooding box, under the heat lamp. He might not make it until tomorrow, because he looks very premature...but we've had that before and they made it fine. He hatched all the way out of the egg without any help from us, so he must be read, even though very small. I'll go out in the morning and if he made it, I'll make sure he gets water and then I'll put a little medicine on his one eye, which is swollen.
Soon, like... next Thursday, the 24th...we'll have Araucanas hatching...and on July 1st... We should have Indian Runner mixed ducks hatching out too.
We were hoping to see a few chicks following a mother hen around the farm, but I guess that will never be. These chickens are too nasty for a hen to co-exist here with a brood of little ones. They would attack and pick them apart, just as they did the two keets in the hen house of the barn. Perhaps one day we will see that.
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