Sunday, June 20

Sunday, June 20, 2010...Happy Father's Day To All... Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!

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We got the usual Father's Day present... A slap in the face... upon reading the comments section this morning, the same butt hole is using our comments section to link and direct unsuspecting people to an oriental porn site again. This happened in the past and I posted the warning about deleting posts that advertise other sites. I tried that in an effort to eliminate the NOW present verification process and the NEW fact, that now, you must have a Google account to leave a comment. Thanks to this a-hole, now the blog comment section has become cumbersome to use. I simply erased his post for weeks, but he was undeterred and continued to post his grubby little link until I had no choice and was tired of messing with him.
Too everyone has to deal with the crap necessary to stop the jerk from supplying a link that will offend everyone. (usually)

The farmers market was anything but a success yesterday. I suppose the powers to be that puff their chests and "run things" in Greenville, are too wise and worldly to take notice to smaller places like Coeymans, near Albany, as they are beginning their second year of a farmers market at the Coeyman's Landing. They are not charging a site fee to any farmer willing to come. They offer this year as a free admittance to get the market established, which didn't take off too well last year...and draw folks who will return next year to a packed market with lots of attendees willing to buy their products, therefore allowing the farmers to pay for their sites and still make a profit.
In Greenville, you pay $15.00 and perhaps you'll be the only vendor there. Yesterday, we were the only farmers there, in the middle of the "rained out Craft Day" vendors from last weekend.
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We sold eggs, because know....everyone eats eggs....and everyone loves delicious, free range, farm fresh eggs.
However...we were surprised we didn't sell our other wares, which were actually craft like items from the farm. We had our felted animal hobby kits, Vick's hand spun & dyed alpaca and wool yarns, her art prints and her note cards, along with a few copies of my poetry book.
We sold a package of her note cards, which depicts eight of Vick's individual art prints, with an envelope for each, all packaged together for only $12.00.
I was amazed that everyone cooed and awed over the felted animals, yet we sold none of the kits.....which would allow these people to make their own felted animal as a fun project. The kits are $15.00 each; contain two felting needles, the fiber needed to make the animal, colored fiber for noses, ears, eyes and wings....the instruction sheet and a picture of the finished project to be used as a model.
The neatest part is that once done, you have all the tools to continue on...using any fiber you can procure from anywhere and continue to make felted animals, people or decorations or for selling. Many folks create Christmas decorations or other holiday creations and ornaments.
I believe today is going to be a day of rest and relaxation. The temperature seems to be rising quickly, so we will only exert ourselves to keep the animals cool here on the farm, and then cool ourselves. Enjoy your day Fathers.....You've earned it!
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