Tuesday, June 22

Tuesday, June 22, 2010... So Much To Do and So Little Time To Do It.......

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It kinda feels like we might never get done with all the things we want to do. I believe it is just our overzealous desire to do things quickly, which is directly opposite of what happens in this one horse state! Both Vick and I have made the statement, that we have never quite seen folks like they have here in upstate New York. They all want....but none of them want to do what is necessary to get what they want. NOBODY wants to work! If they do, they take a job; they start it, and then never return. We've had contractors that came and started a job, then disappeared...without being paid or taking their tools! Is it any wonder Vick and I do everything ourselves? We are told that we are crazy! People around here say that we've completed way too much work for only being here four years, once they see the farm and buildings we've built. So....I guess we will keep pluggin' along until we get the turkey house, the roadside egg stand, and hospice gift shop completed and then get the hot tub installed in place of the stupid Jacuzzi which is now in the downstairs bathroom. We need the hot tub for Vick's back and my knees.
Speaking of that....I should get busy and start the removal process today, because we can get it delivered about anytime and we need to be ready. Later Folks.....
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