Wednesday, June 23

Wednesday, June 23, 2010...Getting Ready For The Farmer's Market Again....

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We're gearing up for the farmer's market again this Saturday Morning, but in the mean time, we're going to check out the Coeyman's Farmer's Market at Coeyman's Landing in the little town of Coeymans. (Imagine that??? It's actually in Coeymans!!!!!) We'll again try to sell our eggs and fiber products, etc.

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Right now, I'm in the process of removing the Jacuzzi which is in out bathroom, to make room for a nice little hot tub. It is a triangular, corner model just big enough for Vick and I to soak our poor old muscles, backs and knees every evening before retiring for the day. I believe it will help Vick's back immensely and might relieve some of the arthritis in my knees, but a hack saw is the only thing which will correct my knee troubles. If I could afford the operation, I'd have it done today, but insurance won't cover enough for me to have it done. NOW...when the Obama health care package goes into effect, I'll get shiny new stainless steel and Teflon joints put in and I'll have enough money left to go on vacation!! LOL..... Actually...Laughing Out Loud...Uncontrollably...Thinking That Anyone Would Believe That I'll Even Be Able To Have It Done Then Period!!!!! At that point, I picture the conversation going something like this.... "Ah, Sir.... You're in your sixties....and we can't justify possibly jamming you into a box in another year or so and burying a brand new set of knees, so you won't be getting new knees! We will...however prescribe a bottle of pain killer for you...but your insurance will only pay for the bottle and cap...You'll have to come up with the $200.00 for the Ibuprofen."
Ah....maybe our health care won't be that bad after we finance that off shore drilling in Brazil and they sell ALL the oil pumped by our money to China... oh gee, yeah...that won't help me and my pills I guess. Well...I better start saving now!

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We're taking off to Coxsackie and picking up a pizza and a bottle of coke to take to our friend's Isabelle and Ralph's place to have lunch with Isabelle. She has just had foot surgery and we want to cheer her up a little bit today. She is a super lady and we enjoy her company a lot....In fact, we might just run lunch to her again tomorrow or maybe the next day, just to give her a little company while Ralph is working.

We are suffering with the heat already, so we lay low. Ed Pooters came by for some eggs today and chatted a little with us. We have him scheduled to cut lumber for us again for inside the hospice gift shop, so all our bases are covered again. Now it's just a matter of doing the wiring on rainy days when we can work inside and do the other jobs when it is nice outside. Looks like we are in good shape for the shape we are in. The Jacuzzi is on the way out, because I am removing the tile now....and when that is done, I foresee a slight job of getting it up on end and then it will be a piece of cake to remove from the bathroom and out the rear, sliding glass door and ready for Vick's brother, who is taking it. We need to do a little plumbing work...removing and capping the drain and water lines, fixing the floor where the pipes used to come through and the wall surrounding it, then we're ready for the hot tub. First, we have to cut the doorway open another several inches to get it into the bathroom. Piece Of CAKE!!!!! (Famous last words...)

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