Thursday, June 17

Thurs. June 17th... Just Another Day On The Farm? Hell No...It's Always An Adventure Here!!!!!

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I can't tell you much about our today yet, because it is just starting. We have a bunch of Bantam chicks hatching out and in 2 weeks we will have more ducks hatching... and in seven days, a dozen or more Araucana chicks hatching. We have several chickens sitting on eggs and a duck setting too, but usually they never finish what they've started and the eggs don't hatch. Just once, I'd like to see an old hen walking around outside with a passel of little ones following her.
We'll go pick up another five gallons of liquid chlorine for the pool today. It's probably as clear as I've seen it this year so far. I have a bunch of crap on the bottom to vacuum out as soon as you can see it, which should be soon. You can see an outline of the stuff now. Before, you couldn't even see the bottom step of the stairs. The guy we bought the pool off of said that one five gallon container should do it, but if after two days it's still cloudy, dump another in. All I know is that we are now making headway on getting it cleaned and cleared up.
We'll order the wood from the saw mill for the turkey house today also. I know what we need and maybe we can finish the little bit we have to do before it arrives and can be applied. The steel roofing was ordered the other day. It will be here soon (next week), so we have to keep going to get it all done.
The blog has really become quite popular! We have people from seventy two countries following the blog....In fact, we now are at 11,663 visits to this page! (
It's wild to be a published author, with three books (only one in print yet) and have that many people following a simple writing of our daily activities (which we view as BORING). This does not count the visits to or the visits to either. Then there is the phenomenal number of followers who read my seldom published, "piss and moan rants" at . We were at the library yesterday and we browsed through the poetry section and found my book on the shelf. Now that was a I still can't get used to...having my name and works there among all the other books...where people can pull it out and read it. I feel the same way as I go into book stores that have it available for sale. It's a really strange...but great feeling of accomplishment and I owe it all to Vick. She was the one that thought the poems were great enough to publish and share with the world. I truly cherish and appreciate the love and support she has given me from the moment we met. She says she could see the talent hidden within I saw her artistic talent within, trying to burst forth all along too. We were definitely meant for one another.
Well, I suppose I should get with the program and go see if there are dry chicks, ready to go over to the warming box in the brooding house, where they can eat and drink with the others. More to come later folks.... Stay Well.

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