Wednesday, June 16

Wed. 6/16/2010... Well...Here We Are, Almost Back To Normal Again... If Ever?

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Yesterday we attacked the pool problem! For those of you who didn't know, we couldn't get the pool to clear up and certainly couldn't get the chlorine to register on the test strips. We called the pool place several times and did what the kids that work there told us, but we still didn't get any results. We bought tons of stuff and put in every time they told us and everything they told us! It was getting downright expensive. All the other readings were close, but no chlorine registered....even after putting multiple bags of shock in and using stabilized sticks in the strainer basket! We finally got connected with Mike, the owner of Majestic Pools in Hudson and he told us to buy a five gallon container of liquid chlorine and dump it in and wait two days. If the pool didn't clear, do another five gallon container and wait again. After that, correct with powdered shock and the stabilized sticks. He said we were too far out for the conventional chemicals to work, especially the first time around. The pool needed a super shock to get going after winter since we did not cover it last fall. We're now into the first day and I can see some clearing already. Mike at Majestic Pools is a great guy and I highly recommend going there for a pool or spa.

We went yesterday to return and exchange some items in Albany, which didn't bother me, because I had a really bad knee day with the barometer changing and all.... but to finish the story, we stopped at our friend Isabelle's farm and gave her a framed Giclée print of her dog Mable, which Vick painted for her. I believe this was Vick's best picture ever! It's an American Eskimo and all white. She did the entire picture without using any white watercolor paint!!!!!! Check it out!

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We moved the ducklings from the brooding house to the big barn with the others, in a separate playpen, but still...into the big barn. The meat birds are getting large enough to start free ranging, which they have been doing for the last two days. They return to the brooding house floor at night or some stay in the old chicken barn. It is nice that they go outside to feed and browse during the day, because that is the first step in leaving the brooding house for good and it gives us a chance to clean it out during the day when they are out browsing. We have two more incubators full of eggs going and soon to be hatching. There's one full of Bantams and the other is full of ducks and Araucana chickens which are a hardy bird in the winter time. They also give the colored eggs. It appears that we will be doing some planning for a roadside stand at the end of the driveway for our egg sales, the finishing of the turkey house and calling for a small, inexpensive refrigerator for the egg stand which will keep our eggs cold and fresh. That will also eliminate the running and changing of ice packs in the dead of summer too.

Once that is accomplished, I wouldn't be too sure we won't be heading to a rescue place above Cobleskill to look at some miniature donkeys that Vick is interested in. She has always wanted a pair of minis, so I guess now is as good a time as any to add two of them to the Arc. I think I'm gonna change the name to Cluckin' "A" Critter Arc, Inc. It seems to me it's gonna fit better than "farm" soon!
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