Monday, June 28

Saturday, Sunday, Monday... The Jacuzzi Is A Thing Of The Past....Now...Onward!!!

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Well...this morning we went to the farmer's market in the center of Greenville and sold a felting kit and at least sixteen dozen eggs today. When we returned home, we found the cooler on the porch empty, so refilled it and then sold a bunch more. I suppose we sold a total of twenty five dozen, which is not bad all in all, but we would still like to move more if we could. The neighbor across the road could possibly buy another five to ten dozen too. That would be great!
Vick's brother, wife and daughter came over this afternoon and helped us remove the Jacuzzi, which is presently sitting on the trailer awaiting a ride to the mountain top where it will assume a new home at Vick's brother's house. I saw good riddance as he says he is glad to receive it. We now must clean up the floor area, remove the wall boards, install new plywood flooring to cover the holes and then install a new flooring material and cedar tongue and groove wall board to be ready for the hot tube. We need to move on this to be ready for the hot tub which will be delivered soon. I will also need to pull a new 220 v line from the panel to the hot tub area. I guess we'll start this work tomorrow, because there is a bunch of old drywall we need to clean up and there is water on the floor, mixed with it from when we tipped the tub up to remove it. It will be tomorrow until the water dries up and we can remove the plaster crap and start working with the replacement process. Once we start, it should look pretty good.....Much better than it does now!
We got a call from our lumber guy yesterday.....seems our lumber for the turkey house is done and ready for pickup. The lumber for our egg stand is also there, so we can pick that up tomorrow and start on our roadside stand for our eggs. We decided to make a roadside stand so folks don't have to go on our porch to buy eggs. Some people are uneasy about driving up to the house and coming onto the porch. I guess I can understand that feeling and respect how they feel. We think we will get far more folks who will stop for a stand just off the roadside. We hope so anyway! The turkeys were supposed to be delivered soon, but that won't matter, because we will have them in the brooding house for at least four or five weeks before we will move them to the turkey house anyway. It will be nice to have the roadside stand and the turkey house done.....then we'll only have the gift shop and hot tub to complete. SWEET!!!!! ALMOST FINISHED!!!!! REAL SWEET!! it is Sunday already and I forgot to post the above... Well; now I might as well tell you what we did today. We Worked in the bathroom, cleaning up and measuring....making a list of what is needed for there, which we will get at Lowe's or GNH lumber. We also went to the sawmill and picked up all the lumber for the turkey house and the roadside egg stand. Guess what we will be doing tomorrow after we get back from our little road trip to Ravena with Dawna and Isabelle. We'll be building an egg stand!!!! or going for the drywall, cedar wall boards and
Well, well, well.... Now it's Monday night at 9:50 and we got nothing done since I last tried to post this several days ago. If I feel as though I'm back with the living again tomorrow, we're going for the stuff to finish the floor and walls in the bathroom for the hot tub.
I have a doctor's appointment for the first to be tested for Lyme's disease. Vick is on the meds for it right now, being diagnosed as positive by the test they ran on her the other day. Maybe that's why we seem to be moving in reverse. All I want to do is sleep and sit on the couch....I ache and have pain everywhere. She doesn't yet, but the tests they performed for her bite on the arm, says she needed to take the meds to fight it now. Hopefully she won't ever develop anything worse than she already has and doesn't realize is coming from it. I asked to be tested a year or a year and a half ago.....that test came back negative, but I still continue to worsen in many different ways. I know I'm getting older and ache or pains come with age, but I have crashed in a mere year and a half...... I no longer rise at 6Am, today was 9. I go to bed at 9 or 10 each night now too, and I can sleep on the couch in the evenings...... I just don't feel right...
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