Friday, October 22

Friday, October 22, 2010...October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month......

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Today is "CRAZY DAY" at the Cluckin' "A"......
Vick and Lynda are finishing up with their mad dash to excellence in preparing for the "Church Market Day" at the church on route 81N in Greenville which will take place on Saturday. Along with all the other merchandise, crafts and wares they have created through the merger of both artisans....called "Two Recycled Chicks", will be the sale of items to benefit breast cancer awareness. I've created two placards, with the use of two familiar photos borrowed from the internet, which they will be displaying at the sale. Considering the importance of benefitting breast cancer research, I doubt the original photo owner will mind my borrowing them. Remember, where ever you are.....where ever you live....Donate to Breast Cancer Research to help find a cure for this disease.

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