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Friday, November 05, 2010... Best Gag Gift Of The Year Is Now Available....

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We had to be a little naughty and add a gag gift to the "Seasonal Gift Section" of our web site recently. We always had the "Alpaca Poo Key Chains" available but never pushed them before. Now since we are offering Maple Syrup and Honey for Christmas presents, we decided to add the little inexpensive gag gift key chain too. The maple syrup and honey are great presents to send family and friends who have everything. There's nothing better than sweetening up your cereal or coffee in the morning with natures own sweetener either. Raw honey is the concentrated nectar of flowers that comes straight from the extractor; it is the only unheated, pure, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. An alkaline-forming food, honey contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits, which become alkaline in the digestive system. It doesn’t ferment in the stomach and it can be used to counteract acid indigestion. When mixed with ginger and lemon juices, it also relieves nausea and supplies energy. Raw honey is the healthiest choice amongst the various forms of honey as it has the most nutritional value and contains amylase, an enzyme concentrated in flower pollen which helps predigest starchy foods like breads.
Most honeys found in the supermarket are not raw honey but “commercial" honey, which has been heated and filtered so that it looks cleaner and smoother, more appealing on the shelf, and easier to handle and package. When honey is heated, its delicate aromas, yeast and enzymes which are responsible for activating vitamins and minerals in the body system are partially destroyed. Hence, such honey is not as nutritious as raw honey. Our honey comes from Washington County and is collected from happy bees living in two hives in our friend's yard, with only two wild flower beds standing between his house and their hives. This honey is grade A, top of the line with exceptional taste. We offer it at $7.50 per pound.
Our Maple syrup also comes from Washington County....from a small farm between Greenwich and Salem. Maple syrup is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of zinc, which can be sweet for your health. Maple syrup contains manganese which is an essential cofactor in a number of enzymes important in energy production and antioxidant defenses. The key oxidative enzyme superoxide dismutase disarms free radicals produced within the mitochondria (the energy production factories within our cells), requires manganese. One ounce of maple syrup supplies 22.0% of the daily value for this very important trace mineral that benefits our health. Maple syrup is also sweet on your heart. It is a good sweetener to use if you are trying to benefit the health of your heart. The zinc supplied by maple syrup, in addition to acting as an antioxidant, has other functions that can decrease the progression of atherosclerosis. Zinc is needed for the proper function of endothelial cells and helps to prevent the endothelial damage caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol and other oxidized fats. (The endothelium is the inner lining of blood vessels.) Endothelial membranes low in zinc, are much more prone to injury. Additionally, studies have found that in adults deficient in manganese, the other trace mineral amply supplied in maple syrup, the level of HDL (the "good" cholesterol) is decreased.
Maple syrup benefits your immune systems, because Zinc and manganese are important allies in the immune system. Many types of immune cells appear to depend upon zinc for optimal function, particularly in children. Researchers have studied the effects of zinc deficiency (and zinc supplementation) on their immune response and their number of white blood cells, including specific studies on T lymphocytes, macrophages, and B cells (all types of white blood cells important for immune defenses). In these studies, zinc deficiency has been shown to compromise numbers of white blood cell and immune response, while zinc supplementation has been shown to restore conditions to normal. In addition to the role played by zinc, the manganese in maple syrup is important since, as a component of the antioxidant SOD, it helps lessen inflammation, thus supporting healing. In addition, manganese may also act as an immuneostimulant. Our prices are some of the best around.....
Any way you shake it......our honey and maple syrup are a gift from Nature and perfect for the holidays....
Now....Adding to the holiday jollies, we have introduced the alpaca Poo key chains for those accused constantly of not giving a shit. Give these key chains with the attached note and the recipient can no longer ever say you don't give a shit!
These are bound to be a hot gift this holiday season, cause let's face it...with our economy the way it is this year, we all need a good laugh! They are on sale now at our "Holiday Gift Area" for $4.00 each (which covers the acrylic and chain)
Make sure you get them while they're hot and end that nasty rumor too.......... Just look here!
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