Thursday, November 4

Thursday, November 04, 2010... Rainy Day Blues On A Rainy Day Are Normal...

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Don't feel despair at being in a mood on a rainy day! It is the most normal thing in the world to be on a downer during a dreary dark and rainy day. It has something to do with the air during a rain storm. It must be full of the bummer bugs or something, but everyone becomes blue and withdrawn during a cold rainy day in the fall.
I myself...prefer to cuddle up on the couch in front of a TV and raging, warm and hospitable fireplace to relax and snuggle in for the day. There is nothing more comfortable than to cuddle with the one you love in front of a roaring fire in a fireplace and snoozing the day away or watching a movie. I only wish Vick enjoyed the same thing. She likes the warmth of the fireplace when there is a chill in your bones from the fall rains, but she can no more sit and watch a movie than I can stand to watch cooking shows on the food channel, so I guess we’re destined to be cuddling alone........... Another bummer.....
Well, yesterday... we went to Lowe's and bought a ceiling fan that was incredibly cheap, due to a closeout of its model. It is a Hunter fan of huge proportions and since it was a display model, there are no extra pieces with it beyond what was there. We were informed that the box was thrown out, along instructions, the short pipe mount for low ceilings, etc., etc. Well that's why you pay $93.00 for a ceiling fan that originally cost $220.00. I do believe they gave me a piece of their display component however, which allows for remote control in the store. I never saw such a printed circuit device on any other Hunter fan I ever bought, so I guess once I'm sure, I'll return it to the store. It probably belongs to the Hunter Company rep that goes in and sets up their display models. Lowe's said they have electricians who make the connections according to the Hunter fan rep when the display is formulated. They were a little concerned about taking the fan down without the electricians being present, but the store manager said "Take er' down!... NOW"! How funny (If I can get the fan to work without all the pieces)
There is no pull cords for the motor or light accessory, due to the display remote, I guess, but I'll take care of that. If I can't get the fan mounted and working satisfactorily, I'll simply take it back for my refund. If I get it resolved, we got an excellent bargain for the living room.
Later today, perhaps we'll work on the wood stove installation in the gift shop. I'd like to have some wall boards form Middle Field Lumber, but we haven't heard from Ed Pooters about it since last talking to him. I guess we could and should take a ride down there today to find out if he is ever going to cut it for us. Better to find out before we need it and he says he can't do it. He just never answers phone calls anymore......
Well, time to get moving and feed and water the troops in the barns, get the supplies and get busy for the day.......

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