Wednesday, November 3

Wed., Nov. 3rd, 2010... Lyme's Just Keeps Hanging On...It Just Never Ends...

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I am limping again... Something in my right knee is jabbing like an ice pick every now and then, so I am experiencing another delay in working at the hospice gift shop. I know it's "residuals", from the Lyme's disease and little I take will stop the pain, so I have to limp around until it goes away on it's own. I'm going to try to get the supplies we need today, since I was all but worthless yesterday. I'll do what I can.
Yesterday we started out in good shape and Nick showed up at 9:45 to start work here around the farm. I had him start by doing a quick rake & Spray in the big barn chicken coop, throw down new wood chips and then move to the turkey house. He made it clean and sweet smelling and moved on to the small duck & Chicken barn. There he tore up the remainder of the linoleum we had originally placed over the plywood to protect it. Little did we imagine an overzealous cleaning teen we had shortly after would rip it instantly.....Some don't work at all...some don't work to smart! Nick is a pretty good guy and will do whatever you ask of him and he is quite polite. He works whether we are here or not. We never have to worry that he will goof off on the clock, because he has scruples that prohibit doing so....At least so far anyway. We went to get feed while he was cleaning and we wanted to pick up rubber mats for the runs before dropping the wood chips. We figured to start at five mats this month and continue until the barn floors are covered with mats, which makes clean up a breeze. Instead of scraping and shoveling, you simply sweep or scrape it into a pile or to the door to the waiting tractor bucket. It is quick and easy. It will pay for itself in a few months, because we will not need Nick to clean any longer, allowing us to hold him in reserve for special projects where I need help, like winterizing, removing or installing window air conditioners and such.
Unfortunately...... somwhere between leaving home and knee started killing me...for no good reason and then to boot....we could only secure two rubber mats. We stopped at "Green County Horseshoe" and Butch was sold out. His ordered mats were coming from Canada, on a truck, yesterday as we spoke to him, but we needed them now... and Alan & Liddy only had two available until Friday. We took the two and let it go at that. Next week is coming...
Today, we need to go to Lowe's or somewhere and pick up fire board and some insulation for the walls, so I can at least finish off the wall and ceiling where the stove will go. I can then install the thimble in the wall and install the stove pipe and chimney pipe for the stove. We can bring the stove over from our Wilson House, which is the storage building out back, where the stove has waited since we bought it almost two years ago! Once it is in there and hooked up, we can work comfortably in there by simply firing up the wood stove ahead of time, to get a little heat in there. Until we insulate fully, it's going to be a bit of a job to heat, but as we install the ceiling insulation and ceiling boards, it will become much warmer for us in there.
I also have to pick up a piece of blue foam insulation to install in the rear window of the computer room to insulate where the cats come and go through their kitty door. It is mounted in the screen, so the entire window is open about fifteen inches. I need to cut the foam to create a tunnel to the swinging door which will stop the winter air from entering and still allowing the cats to come and go.
Fun, Fun, Fun.....That's what we have here all day long on the Cluckin' "A"...... FUN!

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