Sunday, November 7

Sunday, November 07, 2010...Ahhhhhhh, November...The Month Of Change....

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November... how well we look forward to November and those changes...some, we notably mention often as unpleasant changes...such as moving from fall, rapidly into winter...or the loss of our beautiful fall leaves, leaving only the skeleton of a tree. The things we do look forward to are the changing of the time from DST to normal time. Vick and I look forward to changing the clock back because as farmers, you sometimes get really busy and can't stop for dinner until everything is finished. In the summer, if you're not careful, you find your self finished at dusk, with the closing of the barns and all the animals locked away for the evening and the clock showing 9:30 PM...far too late to dine in a restaurant and far too late for anyone to start cooking a dinner at home after working until this late hour.
Now it will be getting dark around 5:30, leaving plenty of time to dine anywhere one pleases. That is one of the changes we enjoy from a business standpoint, but there are many more pleasantries to the changes....
November brings those cool, clear evenings with an early harvest moon that disappears far before morning, leaving the glowing celestial display of a jeweled, twinkling, night sky....peaceful and quiet, allowing you to hear for miles. I enjoy rising in the early morning hours, to release the dogs for their first trip outdoors. I drink in the chilled air, enjoying the fragrance of wet soil, leaves and other fall smells as the vegetation changes from summer growth, to nature's compost, releasing all those gases which make up the fragrances of fall. I always stop to ponder all of God's wonderful gifts to us as I listen to distant geese flying in the early morning sky...amazed that they fly in the darkness, making precision headway as they fly south to a warmer climate for the winter....young in tow, still learning the ways of life as they go.
Soon we will hear the booms of nimrods as they pursue their prey... much as did our ancestors of years past. It is now an enjoyable pastime, unlike the previous need for the taking of God's bounty...these creatures of beauty, for sustenance.
As the twilight of morning approaches, the twinkling stars disappear to reveal the chilling frost, which coats everything on the ground, bushes and trees. Cobwebs are highlighted by the moisture which accumulated during the night, freezing into frost, as if painting the spider webs white and twinkling as if they caught the stars from the night sky. The beads of water which had frozen so twinkle in the early morning sunlight which first kisses them before that kiss warms the frozen droplets to run away. It is now you can hear the distant call of the lonely crow, looking for friends or a mate to share the day. Dogs bark in the distance, birds sing and kids chatter at bus stops, as you hear the start and squealing brakes of the bus at each stop, on down the road. It's amazing how there is no air moving in the twilight of morning. As the sun creeps higher and higher above the horizon, finally touching the tree tops, a slight breeze will be noticed. That breeze usually becomes more and more intense, as does beams of sun, until the sun has touched the ground around us, unveiling the normal breezes of the day. It's amazing how everything in nature relies on everything else to remain normal. Once the presence of our friendly globe of light in the heavens gives the first welcome rays of heat, the world awakens to become itself, no longer cold and tranquil...but now alive and vigorous with wildlife moving about, minding their own business as they conduct life. It is now that you might find yourself a wondrous member of life, amazed at your surroundings...realizing we really never found an answer to the meaning of life... Unless this is it!

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